Dynamics AX: Copy+Paste vs Export to Excel

I had a question from a customer recently: “On a Details Form, copy+paste gives me more fields than Export to Excel, so why would I use Export to Excel?”. Below was my answer… Copy+paste will give you values for all the visible form fields from the current datasource.Export to Excel will initially give you values…


Dynamics AX 2012 Office Add-ins and Office 2007

One of the more common Office Add-ins questions I get asked is “Why don’t the Office Add-ins work with Office 2007?” They do, but you need a hotfix or service pack 3. Bill Thompson explains in more detail in his post: Dynamics AX 2012 Office Add-ins and Office 2007


Dynamics AX 2012 Excel Add-in: Timeout issues?

I’ve heard from a few people having problems with size limitations when publishing from the Dynamics AX 2012 Excel Add-in to the server. People that are receiving a message like “Method ‘System.ServiceModel.CommunicationObjectFaultedException.Detail’ not found” are probably running into a timeout on the service call made from the Excel Add-in to the server. This problem would…


Dynamics AX 2012 Office Add-ins: Information sources

The Office Add-ins for Dynamics AX 2012 are a great tool for working with Dynamics AX data. The Word Add-in primarily enables document generation and the Excel Add-in enables a number of scenarios involving Dynamics AX data including refreshable data exports, adhoc reporting, document generation, data manipulation, and data import. I recently became the guy…