MBF and WinFS: A view of the world I am entering

Tim Brookins is an Architect on the MBF team (and he is based in Fargo). When I got impatient waiting for a reply about the position in the MBF team, an email to Tim was the thing that sparked it all off ;). I just read a post from Tim (two days old) that explains the…


OJB.Net and Generics

I posted a little while ago about trying to use reflection with generic types. I have been trying to use a generic list type within OJB.Net (an object relational mapper for .Net). I finished investigating this and thought I’d post a write-up about it here in case anyone else is using or wants to use OJB.Net and…


OJB.Net and Generics

OJB.Net and Generics   The released versions of the .Net framework don’t support Generics. However, I am using the Visual Studio Community Technology Preview and have been attempting to use Generics with OJB.Net. In this post/article I’ll describe those attempts.   You can read about OJB.Net at this link: http://ojb-net.sourceforge.net/   You can read about…


ObjectSpaces delay discussions

Some people are taking the ObjectSpaces delay a little harder than others. I first met Robert McLaws when he hosted the PDC 2003 Object Relational BoF session. I just read one of his recent posts where he argues that the ObjectSpaces delay is good since it is good to get things right the first time. He…


ObjectSpaces and MBF both delayed till Longhorn

First we learned that MBF has been delayed till Longhorn (from Tim Brookins) and now ObjectSpaces is adopting the same schedule. The official announcement is here. I wonder if ObjectSpaces was delayed and that caused the MBF re-schedule, since MBF uses ObjectSpaces for persistence. Either way, because of the extra time, they’ll both be stronger and more…


Ouch: MBF delayed till Longhorn wave

Tim Brookins, an architect on the MBF team, has reported that MBF is no longer in the Whidbey wave and instead will be in the Longhorn wave. This is an exciting area of technology for Microsoft since it touches so many ‘hot’ areas: Microsoft’s business application development (Green), service oriented architecture (Indigo), object relational persistence (ObjectSpaces), lightweight…


New ObjectSpaces article on MSDN

A number of people working with me at iP3 are learning ObjectSpaces at the moment. A new article by Dino Esposito for MSDN has a few interesting insights as he documents his first look at ObjectSpaces.