My New Obsession: The Humble Weather Report

Ever since I got to Fargo I have been fascinated by the weather. I have never lived in a place where I had anything more than an overnight frost, even in the dead of winter. I find it funny that even though it has snowed a couple of times already, everyone keeps telling me that it is still only 'cool' and not 'cold'. Well, as of next week, it'll be permanently below freezing... and continuing to get 'cooler'.

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  1. Tad says:

    Funny that as a Minnesotan, I was ready to tell you how wrong you were, until I remembered "freezing" is 32 degrees. When you mentioned ‘cold’ and permanently below ‘freezing’, my brain locked into "below zero".

    Anyway, enjoy the weather, its one of the warmest falls we’ve ever had.

  2. pkraus says:

    At least move the Twin Cities. The forecast is better:

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