He emerges from his prolonged silence to say…

It snowed! I'm told that the snow has arrived super late this year, so I have been lucky to catch some excellent weather.

I never would have guessed how hazardous a 9 minute commute (yes, door to door) could become. Black ice is something that must be experienced to be believed. Remember the last time you slipped in the shower? Imagine driving on a surface that is like that in the worst possible places... like on the approach to a stop sign, or on your sloped driveway... welcome to the slip-n-slide commute!

And in work-related news...

Talking (and blogging) about Microsoft stuff with non-Microsoft people is an interesting exercise. While I am really enthusiastic about the things I am doing and involved in, I can't talk about them openly. There are things here and there that I can talk about, like general thoughts about ORM or SOA, but I have kept very quiet till now to make sure I don't step anywhere near 'the line' ;). I'm determined to be a bit more vocal and work on some personal projects in the next couple of weeks before I head off to NZ for Christmas.

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  1. William Luu says:

    wow Chris! no entries for awhile, and then I wake up and see 5 new entries! 🙂

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