ObjectSpaces delay discussions

Some people are taking the ObjectSpaces delay a little harder than others.

I first met Robert McLaws when he hosted the PDC 2003 Object Relational BoF session. I just read one of his recent posts where he argues that the ObjectSpaces delay is good since it is good to get things right the first time. He also tells the people who are disappointed to that their “mentality” is “ridiculous” and that they should “Grow up. Seriously.”.

I think this is a little harsh on the people who were starting projects to hit the market in 2005 that would have used ObjectSpaces. I don't think it is a bad thing for Microsoft to hear that their schedule changes affect ISV's and other customers.

I personally am grateful that Microsoft has delayed ObjectSpaces to combine it with the WinFS work. Making application data as accessible as files in the OS is a brilliant move.

Hopefully when Longhorn comes out we'll be a lot closer to the holy grail of “no more data silos”.

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  1. Jesse Ezell says:

    I agree. Rob’s just a little kid himself, so it is quite funny he is telling us to grow up :-).

  2. Frans Bouma says:

    heh, not to mention he’s a real expert on O/R mapping and the O/R mapping market compared to some of the people he argued with.

  3. I never hosted an Object Relational BoF session. That must have been someone else. I hosted a session on Server Controls and a session on blogging.

    I also never said it was good, I said their reasons were understandable. I was upset at the mentality that said they wanted it now, no matter what the repercussions. My point was that, when you consider all the facts, it was a smart business decision.

  4. Chris Garty says:

    The guys in the ObjectSpaces team are very smart cookies, so they’ll have excellent reasons.

    My bad, it was the blogging session that I saw you at. Boy, that was a heated discussion 😉

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