Ouch: MBF delayed till Longhorn wave

Tim Brookins, an architect on the MBF team, has reported that MBF is no longer in the Whidbey wave and instead will be in the Longhorn wave.

This is an exciting area of technology for Microsoft since it touches so many 'hot' areas: Microsoft's business application development (Green), service oriented architecture (Indigo), object relational persistence (ObjectSpaces), lightweight process support (in-process Biztalk process engine), and model driven architecture (Whitehorse) to name a few.

It is a shame that business application developers won't be able to start using the base classes to build business logic, but Tim points out that “collapsing MBF into a single release [will] be more beneficial for our customers” will allow MBF to focus solely on Longhorn. This is an exciting effort and one that I'll be watching carefully over the next 2 years.

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