A new Microsoft community effort – MSDN Connection

The new MSDN Connection program is out... Frank Arrigo annouced it today. It has been a while since I first heard about this from Chuck, but it is worth the wait. The idea behind the MSDN connection program is a noble one: to help bring together the Microsoft and .Net communities, to give them a voice, to give them a touch point, to provide them with information and, most importantly, to connect them and help give them a whole new level of cohesion.

One gripe... I hope the Active developer level is changed shortly to include community activity as well as official certification completion. I'm sure I remember talking to Chuck about a community program that recognises activity in the community as much as it recognises activity in the certification process.

It is also interesting to note that this is being trialled in Australia to see how it goes. So get involved and get yourself heard. If it catches on we'll be able to say... it started here first.

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  1. CC says:

    After failing to find a UK version of this I eventually found http://www.msdnconnection.com but there only appears to be support in the following countries:

    Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam.

    Any idea when the rest of us can join ?

  2. Chris Garty says:

    I didn’t realise that programs like this already existed. The Australian version looks different (if only by the naming of the levels) so I don’t know whether the Australian version or the international version will become the standard. Whichever program comes out as the chosen one, I believe the community contacts at Microsoft Australia are trialling this program here before introducing it into other countries.

    I’ll ask around for a more complete answer to this question.

  3. Frans Bouma says:

    They again make a mistake: multi-levels of ‘community contributors’ makes that the people who do not hold an MCP ID (i.e. went to a course, is a 7 year old MCSE with 9 certificates enough? ;)) or are not an MVP fall into a category where they benefit less from their contributions to the community than the others.

    Why should an MCP benefit more from participating in a community than a person answering questions in a newsgroup or a person who wrote a tool which is used by thousands of people?

  4. Chris Garty says:

    Speaking from personal experience Frans? 😉

    Yes, agreed. A community program should put a higher priority on activity in the community than activity in a certification process. But then, maybe I have misunderstood the intent… maybe it is a connection program first and a community program second. In which case maybe a better question would be, ‘is a person that keeps their certification up-to-date more connected than a person that attends community events?’

    I hope to get an answer to this tomorrow since I’m attending a Microsoft event and I’m sure to bump into some people that can give me the answers I’m looking for. Watch this space…

  5. CC says:

    "Why should an MCP benefit more from participating in a community than a person answering questions in a newsgroup or a person who wrote a tool which is used by thousands of people?"

    Coz I paid for my MCP 😉

    {just kidding}

  6. Andrew Parsons says:

    Firstly, Microsoft have confirmed that you won’t necessarily need to have a certification to get into a "higher" tier… things like attending a certain number of user group meetings and the like are also considered.

    Secondly, as far as I know, Microsoft Australia was the territory that created the concept but it has been introduced to several other countries first. According to Microsoft people, this was only due to things like logistics and legalities (eg, privacy issues are much more prominent in Australia than in several of the Asian countries that have been launched).

    Finally, yes, the intention is that this is going global, but Australia wants to prove itself first.

  7. Chris Garty says:

    Thanks Andrew. You started my update for me!

    Chuck, Frank and the team have indeed decided to alter the second tier. I got confirmation about this just before the Security Summit where it was communicated to everyone and officially launched.

    Australia’s program is separate from the other countries. And, as you have mentioned, it is Australia’s version of the program that is being trialled for launch worldwide.

    So, have you joined up yet?! 🙂

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