Found: A plugin for Visual Studio to make TDD easier

I mentioned earlier that I wanted a plugin for Visual Studio to make TDD easier and my search has uncovered some nuggets of knowledge:

  1. I have confirmation from the developers of Resharper (see earlier post) that this functionality will be in Resharper by its M2 milestone which is due mid-April. I'm told that it will be covered by the "Quickfixes for highlighted problems" item in the M2 plan. If you get on the Early Access Program (EAP) you may get access to it before then.

  2. Jay Baz from Microsoft (I think he is in charge of the Refactoring functionality in VS Whidbey) has already talked about this functionality with some of his collegues. He says that "this feature will make it into Visual Studio at some point" but he can't say when.

  3. This functionality is refered to in IntelliJ IDEA as 'Intention Actions' (thanks Marty!). A good description of Intention Actions in IntelliJ Idea is at SD Times.

  4. Unfortunately, one of the people making Resharper (Dmitry) tells me "we have no definite plans for ReSharper with regard to VS Whidbey yet". Doh!

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  1. Chris,

    I use and recommend the magnificent Jamie Cansdale’s NUnit Addin for Visual Studio [2] (even if the green bar is still missing).

    The second one, which I haven’t used, is VSNUnit which is mentioned in Justin Ghetland’s article on Unit Testing with VSS on TheServerSide.NET [3]

    1 –

    2 –

    3 –

    Let me know how you get on.

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