Geek humour: The search dog

Rory is the co-host of the DotNetRocks online talk show and a Microsoft MSDN presenter. His blog is quite funny most of the time, and occasionally it is completely hilarious. I just saw a post he pointed to last week. Check this out.


Ultimate Ears: The best earphones in the world

I splashed out a little a couple of weeks ago and ordered some Ultimate Ears UE-5c’s. They arrived on Friday and they are nothing short of brilliant. Imagine sitting in a sound booth with really good sound isolation and really nice dual-driver speakers. Now imagine getting that experience in the convenience of some earphones. The…


Bob Muglia on WinFS: Just after Longhorn, or not until Blackcomb?

On Friday, I read coverage on about an interview with Bob Muglia. In it he talks publicly about some of the options they are looking at for the WinFS file system timeline. This morning, ARSTechnica and TechSpot had coverage of the same announcement that is a little more WinFS focused. And TechSpot had an interesting quote: “Microsoft…


Steve Ernst on serialization to XML

You my have heard about how everyone at Microsoft has an office. Well… that is true of Redmond, but in Fargo they have chosen to bring us closer together, to foster a tight knit community spirit, and to create the kind of team environment that only a cube farm can create :). I had never…


Ward Cunningham on Patterns and XP

Ward Cunningham recently did a great interview with TSS.Net. In the interview he talks at length on some great topics including XP, patterns, team development, communication, simplicity, testing, and feedback. If you haven’t seen it already, it is definitely worth the bandwidth. It is available in two sizes for 56k or DSL


Extreme Programming Explained: 2nd edition

Recently I noticed that Kent Beck had released the 2nd edition of one of my favourite IT books (along with PEAA). I wasn’t sure how much of it was new or if the changes would be worthy of the purchase. My good friend, and agile guru, Steve Hayes is excited about the new content and…


My New Obsession: The Humble Weather Report

Ever since I got to Fargo I have been fascinated by the weather. I have never lived in a place where I had anything more than an overnight frost, even in the dead of winter. I find it funny that even though it has snowed a couple of times already, everyone keeps telling me that it…


Jon Eaves: Infotainment

I love geek humor, and Jon Eaves spits it out on a daily basis. Check out his latest contribution to world of patterns; Bulimic Domain Model.


PDC 2005: Will you be there?

It is almost the end of another year. It has been a VERY eventful 12 months with changes in jobs and countries among other things. It was just over a year ago that I attended PDC 2003 [Edited] in LA, and it was quite a defining time for me. It’ll be fun to see what I’m doing by the…


He emerges from his prolonged silence to say…

It snowed! I’m told that the snow has arrived super late this year, so I have been lucky to catch some excellent weather. I never would have guessed how hazardous a 9 minute commute (yes, door to door) could become. Black ice is something that must be experienced to be believed. Remember the last time you…