Project Server 2007 Report Pack II – An incredible asset you should all leverage

This is a blog post that is worth checking out! My colleague Jan Kalis just announced the release of the Project Server 2007 Report Pack II (recorded webcast and demo here). Why is it the best thing since slice bread? Well check out the following list of SQL Server Reporting Services it contains (and to…


Project Server 2007 Renaming tool

Following this initial post How to Rename Projects After a Project Server 2007 Migration written by Mike Shughrue I’ve modified it a bit to have the ability to rename any project as shown below (used to be hardcoded to replace the “_Published” string). Executable and source code are located here: Happy renaming! After:


Announcing the release of Project Portfolio Server 2007 Guide: Configuration Recommendations

The following Project Portfolio Server 2007 guide was released yesterday: Project Portfolio Server 2007 Guide: Configuration Recommendations, it describes key configuration guidelines. Scope This guide outlines some of the high-level performance potentials and guidelines of Portfolio Server based on successful user and organizational adoption. The guide focuses on areas where it is important to observe…


Announcing the release of SQL Server 2005 SP3

Microsoft released today SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 3 (SP3). SQL 2005 version should now be 9.00.4035. Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 3 (SP3) contains hotfixes that were included in cumulative update packages for SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2 from cumulative update package 1 to cumulative update package 9, and fixes to issues…


SharePoint Best Practices for capacity management

The following article Best Practices for capacity management was recently published on the SharePoint Server TechCenter. Some highlights that are also applicable to the Project Server world are: Capacity planning should be revisited repeatedly in all phases of a project as assumptions become more concrete and more detailed hardware and configuration decisions have to be…


Microsoft’s vision of the next generation Data Center

Great post from Michael Manos about our next generation of data center: Generation 4 Modular Data Centers: Our Vision for Generation 4 Modular Data Centers – One way of Getting it just right . . . “A highly modular, scalable, efficient, just-in-time data center capacity program that can be delivered anywhere in the world very…


How to deploy cumulative updates for Project Server 2007

The TechNet team has just published this key article Deploy cumulative updates (Project Server 2007) Please read this article prior to deploying any Project Server Cumulative Update. As a reminder the last cumulative update was released on October 28th: Announcing the release of the October Cumulative Update for Project and Project Server 2007 The equivalent…


Project Server Disaster Recovery Guide and Technical Library

Two important documents are have been published on TechNet this week. I like the single help file particularly since it’s a very easy way to get all our latest IT Professionals documentation in one location and be able to read it without being connected to the web: Plan for disaster recovery in Project Server 2007  …


Announcing the release of the August Cumulative Update for Project and Project Server 2007

The Microsoft Office team has changed the way that it delivers hot fixes for reported problems by moving away from the current priority-driven hot fix release model to a scheduled delivery model. This change comes in the form of cumulative updates and critical on-demand (COD) hotfixes. The objective is to deliver high-quality fixes in an…


Video blogs on Task Statusing on

Shameless copy from Brian’s post this morning: Treb and Dave are working on a series of Silverlight video blogs around task statusing and timetracking – and specifically what the administrative options do, and the first is live at and as you can guess from the URL it covers task settings and display settings in…