Project 2010 and Team Foundation Server 2010 Integration

<Update July 2010> Check out this recently released VM: Microsoft® Team Foundation Server® 2010 and Microsoft Project Server® 2010 Integration CTP Hyper-V Virtual Machine to learn about server to server integration </Update July 2010>

Following the recent launch of Microsoft Project Professional/Standard and Project Server 2010 this week (along with Office, SharePoint and Visio) I wanted to provide a brief overview of Microsoft Project 2010 integration with Visual Studio Team System 2010 Team Foundation Server (TFS). First I recommend that you all read the 143 pages Microsoft Project Server 2010 Product Guide, it will give a great overview of what’s in 2010 (including this topic) and hence why you should consider it as your solution of choice for Project Portfolio Management.

Basically two scenarios are supported with TFS 2010 and Microsoft Project 2010.

First there is a “lightweight” scenario which enables a Project Manager to connect his/her plan to TFS using the desktop ribbon menu entitled “Team” (picture below) - a project manager can simply sync with Project Server 2010 to better connect the worlds of project and portfolio management and application development.

Project and TFS Integration

Additional information can be found on MSDN: Scheduling Tasks and Assigning Resources Using Microsoft Project

Secondly the Project engineering team and the Visual Studio TFS team are working on an out of the box server to server integration (no need for a CodePlex solution to integrate both)- providing direct connectivity between Project Server 2010 and Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010. Expect more information on this topic in the future.


Comments (4)

  1. Jonathan says:


    Is there an estimated time-line on a release or is it locked-in at "in the future"?



  2. Meretrix says:

    We are evaluating both TFS and Project Server and plan on a Pilot project. I manage the technical teams' adoption and see a lot of benefit in being able to use even a Beta Connector between the two.

    Any date on the Beta at this point?


  3. Can't share any date at this stage unfortunatly

  4. virtualfergy says:

    Does the CodePlex solution work with TFS and Project Server 2010 until such time as the out-of-the-box solution is released?

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