Great SharePoint Sessions at Upcoming Project Conference in Phoenix

In case you have not registered yet and are still looking for reasons to attend, check out this sample of sessions presented by experts around the SharePoint and Project Server themes in Phoenix in three weeks, more info here:

Title Speaker Description
Business Collaboration using SharePoint: The Value Delivered Today, and a Sneak Peek at Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Gideon Bibliowicz, Microsoft Corporation SharePoint provides Microsoft customers and partners a platform to build extraordinary collaboration solutions that encompass content management, business intelligence, social computing and enterprise search. This session is aimed at providing an overview of the SharePoint platform, why SharePoint offers a compelling value to the enterprise today and how it enables MS-Project users to create value for both employees and customers. This session will also provide a brief sneak peek into new features coming in SharePoint Server 2010.
Introduction to SharePoint for Developers Andrew Connell, Critical Path Training Project Server's integration with SharePoint facilitates collaborating on projects within an organization and members of a team. With this integration, developers can extend both platforms to satisfy specific and custom requirements to facilitate unique business processes and add new functionality to improve productivity and efficiency. In this session you will learn what is involved in developing custom solutions for SharePoint.
SharePoint Planning and Governance Todd Klindt, Solanite Consulting, Shane Young, Sharepoint 911 This session takes you through the process of developing a successful implementation plan for your Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (WSS) or Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) deployment. Determining the goals and vision, stakeholders, level of customization or development, rollout, phasing, intranet, extranet, and Internet considerations and taxonomy of your portal are all discussed through lectures, hands-on experience, and case studies. This class not only covers what you should do, but also real world scenarios and best practices.
SharePoint (or Project) Admins: The Reluctant DBAs Todd Klindt, Solanite Consulting, Shane Young, Sharepoint 911 Are you a SharePoint administrator that's been thrust into the job of keeping SQL happy whether you want to or not? In this session we cover how SharePoint uses SQL and how to keep SQL happy. We look at which version of SQL is right for your farm, how maintain it, and some of the options you have for backing it up. By the end of this session you will no longer be afraid of SQL.
Opening SharePoint to Project 2010 Eamonn McGuinness, Brightworks The Challenge … Many customers today still manage work and projects using whiteboards, email and Excel. More to the point many of these customers do not have a commonly applied mature process for managing work and projects. Some combination of Project Desktop, Office and SharePoint would greatly help these customers be way more productive with their work and project management. The Solution … This session will: (1) Present a reusable real world process model for managing work and projects of various types and sizes. (2) Demo how Project Desktop and SharePoint can sit well together. (3) Explain and demo a simple but pragmatic process to use Project, Office and SharePoint for the flexible management of work and projects.
EPM and SharePoint Better Together Tad Haas, Microsoft Corporation The Microsoft Enterprise Project Management (EPM) solution and Microsoft Office SharePoint® Server 2007 together provide the infrastructure and functionality you need to make project management and collaboration easier than ever across all levels of your organization. Combining the functionality of Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 can help your organization create, manage, and collaborate on projects more effectively across the following three project phases:
  • Demand Management
  • Plan and Execute
  • Business Insight
SharePoint and Project Server Co-Existence Me 🙂 Discuss deployment scenarios with Project Server and SharePoint (together or apart/single farm or two farm), pros and cons of each scenarios and recommended best practices.
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