Project Server 2007 Report Pack II – An incredible asset you should all leverage

This is a blog post that is worth checking out! My colleague Jan Kalis just announced the release of the Project Server 2007 Report Pack II (recorded webcast and demo here). Why is it the best thing since slice bread? Well check out the following list of SQL Server Reporting Services it contains (and to make it easier to use in your environment it all contains full documentation as well as separate Visual Studio packages and directories of ALL T-SQL queries). I’m sure you will find few key nuggets in there that will help you with your day to day activities as well as surface key information from your Project Server 2007 Project Portfolio Management gold mine of information!

Microsoft Project Server 2007 Governance Reports Microsoft Project Server 2007 Management Reports
  • Assignment to Timesheet Consistency
  • My Planned Time Off
  • My Projects and Assignments
  • My Task Count and Status
  • My Project-Oriented Timesheet Activity
  • Project_Detail (now includes includes deliverable and cross-project link information, along with a reduced size KPI Average graphical indicator)
  • Resource Activity by RBS and Position Role
  • Resource Allocation
  • Resource Allocation sub-report
  • Resource Capacity versus Demand Heatmap by Position Role
  • Task Update Compliance
  • Timesheet Compliance report ( updated to allow for multiple timesheet period review )
  • Active Resource Details
  • Administration Dashboard
  • Archive Project Details
  • Draft Project Details
  • Inactive Resource Details
  • Metadata Assignment Custom Field Details
  • Metadata Custom Field Modifications
  • Metadata Enterprise Template Modifications
  • Metadata Lookup Table Modifications
  • Metadata Resource Custom Field Details
  • Metadata Task Custom Field Details
  • Project Baseline Details
  • Project Task and Assignment Details
  • Project Type Details
  • Published Project Details
  • Queue – Project jobs
  • Queue – Timesheet jobs
  • Security Categories Modified
  • Security Groups Modified
  • Security No RBS setting
  • Security Permissions on User Level
  • Security Templates Modified
  • Security Users Modified
  • SQL Server Database Space Usage
  • SQL Server Fragmentation
  • SQL Server Table Space Usage
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  1. MSPLearner says:

    I would like to replace the Resource Custom fields in the demo with our own – if their is any guidance, resources to help do that, would appreciate. I am bit of a novice with SSRS Reports. Thanks in advance.


  2. copy the underlying query in SQL Server Query analyzer and make all necessary syntax updates until it runs successfully.

  3. ghsouza says:

    In the "Task Update Compliance" Report what is the meaning of "Submitted and Failed to Process"?

    Thanks in advance


  4. says:


    I’m having problem with running Resource Allocation report of Report Pack II in Governance Reports. I’m receiving a bunch of error and all of them are saying "Report item expressions can only refer to fields within the current data set scope or, if inside an aggregate, the specified data set scope." I think there is something wrong with expressions, such as this one(this comes with Report Pack II, I didn’t change anything):





    + " ( "

    + cstr(count(Fields!Overallocated_for_day.Value)) + " Overallocations , "

    + cstr(count(Fields!Underallocated_for_day.Value)) + " Underallocations )"

    Can anyone help me to resolve it? Any ideas are greatly appreciated.



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