Announcing the release of the February Cumulative Update for Project and Project Server 2007

The February Cumulative Update was recently released. The next Cumulative Update (CU) is scheduled for the end of April, then Service Pack 2 will be available between February and April and it will include the February CU.

From this point forward each Cumulative Update will consist of a package that contains the latest of every hotfix patch that we have shipped.   What this means is that if you build a new Project Server 2007 farm, you can apply the latest service pack (Service Pack 1), the latest WSS CU package and the latest SharePoint CU package and be completely up-to-date.  The package includes the Infrastructure Update, there is no reason to install it separately (but you still need to install SP1).

Please refer to this TechNet article for deployment guidance: Deploy cumulative updates (Project Server 2007)

After applying the February CU, the file version should be: 12.0.6341.5000


ID KB Url Download URL
Description of the Project 2007 hotfix package (Project.msp): February 24, 2009

Description of the Project Server 2007 hotfix package (Pjsrvapp.msp, Pjsrvwfe.msp): March 6, 2009 968271
Description of the Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 cumulative update package: February 24, 2009 961755
Description of the SharePoint Server 2007 cumulative update package (MOSS server-package): February 24, 2009 961756

For additional deployment information please check this post from Brian Smith: Project Server 2007: Deploying Cumulative Updates

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  1. says:

    Hi Christophe – can you confirm the database version numbers for the February CU?

    The December CU was 12.0.6334 for the ProjectServer ones.  

    I have installed the Uber-version of the updates for WSS and MOSS into a test envrionment.  WSS is reporting 12.0.6341 in the dbs for WSS_content, but the ProjectServer dbs are still the same as December.  

    Is this expected or is there something wrong here?


  2. David the version should be 6341 so it looks like there is an issue.

    I recommend you log a Microsoft Support call and give them the upgrade logs.

  3. wgharwal says:

    If I just have Project server 2007 far and not MOSS – what do I need to install to update my farm?

    latest service pack (Service Pack 1)?

    latest WSS CU package?

    latest SharePoint CU package?  (what do you mean by "SharePoint")?

    Thank you.

  4. You need to install SP1 + the latest CU, please note SP2 is due in the next month. Yes I recommend you install the latest WSS updates (SP1 + Feb CU) as well.

  5. wgharwal says:

    Thanks again.  Please forgive my confusion but it seems like there are many things to consider to update properly.  I would like to make sure I follow the correct pattern of updating my farm.

    If I have a Project Server 2007 farm without MOSS, would you please confirm the following as well as the order of installatin (or does it make a difference as to which order?):

    1.  Install WSS 3.0 SP1

    2.  Install Project Server 2007 SP1?

    3.  Install latest Project Server 2007 CU (FEB CU)?

    4.  Install latest WSS 3.0 CU (FEB CU)?

    Also, is the Project Server CU separate than the Office Server CU?  Could I use the Office Server CU to update my project server 2007 farm eventhough I don’t have MOSS?

    Thank you.

  6. Switch 3 and four, check this documentation from TechNet:

    Yes you can use either the invidual PS package or the MOSS one

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