Project Server 2007 Renaming tool

Following this initial post How to Rename Projects After a Project Server 2007 Migration written by Mike Shughrue I’ve modified it a bit to have the ability to rename any project as shown below (used to be hardcoded to replace the “_Published” string).

Executable and source code are located here:

Happy renaming!




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  1. andynovak says:

    Do you have to select the rows containing the projects you wish to rename?

    What in the source code needs to be changed in order to "point" to your particular project server database?

    I tried to open the solution with Visual Studio 2005 but receive an error that the solution was created in a newer version and couldn’t be opened.  True?

  2. andynovak says:

    Someone needs to write a mass transfer of ownership utilty similar to this so that you don’t have to go into each project to change the owner via "Edit Project Properties" in PWA.

  3. Yes you select rows. No need to select a database since it’s using the supported PSI calls that will then figure out which DB to update.

    The solution was created using VS 2008.

  4. andynovak says:

    So just run the exe as is and use the URL to specify the web app (PWA/PWATEST, etc.)?

  5. andynovak says:

    Wow!  Thanks!  I still say we need a good bulk ownership transfer utility   🙂

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