Announcing the release of the Solution Connector for Microsoft Office Project Portfolio Server 2007 on MSDN Code Gallery

The Solution Connector for Microsoft Office Project Portfolio Server 2007 has been released on MSDN Code Gallery:

This solution starter was created to support both the Capital Planning & Investment Control for Federal Government (CPIC) and Innovation Process Management (IPM) solutions. In these solutions projects and ideas are captured in SharePoint and at a specific point in the workflow  pushed to Project Portfolio Server 2007 (utilizing the new web-service) for analysis.

The Solution Connector is an ASP.NET web service and .NET class library which provides a set of methods for programmatically creating, updating or deleting projects and their attributes in Microsoft Office Project Portfolio Server 2007.  Out of the box Portfolio Server provides only read-only programmatic access to project and attribute information via a set of web services called the PPSI (Project Portfolio Server Interface) and a class library called the PSWA (Portfolio Server Web Access).  To edit projects in Portfolio Server a user must use their web browser to access a set of visual ASP.NET web pages.  Unlike the PSI web services in Project Server 2007 which provide CRUD (create, read, update, and delete) web methods, Portfolio Server only provided read access.  Now with the Solution Connector web service and class library additional interfaces can be built locally or remotely to automate real-time or batch modification of Portfolio Server projects and their attributes.


Solution Connector Architecture and Process Flow (new components in Blue)

This release (v1.0) contains a User Guide, a Setup Program, as well as Source Code (C#).

The 33 pages User Guide contains the following chapters:

  • Overview
  • Solution Description
  • Solution Connector Components
    • Solution Connector Installation
    • Custom Test Application:  PPSITestClient.exe
    • Test Application Configuration File:  PPSITestClient.exe.config
    • Solution Connector
  • Portfolio Server:  Important Database Tables
  • Appendix B:  Example CreateProjectXml() Web Service Instance:  EditProject.asmx
  • Appendix C:  Helpful Portfolio Database SQL Queries

Please note this solution starter is an open source community sample application that is NOT supported by Microsoft Support (Premier/PSS/CSS).

We would like to hear feedback on the solution (Feature, Issue, Task) using MSDN Code Gallery’s Work Item functionality (under Issue Tracker tab) to prioritize what new improvements/functionalities could go in future versions.

About MSDN Code Gallery:

MSDN Code Gallery is your destination for downloading sample applications and code snippets , as well as sharing your own resources. In it you can find pages that describe samples and supporting documents including screenshots and design documents.  In addition, you will find hosted conversations about these samples, sample projects or other resources that have been provided to the community.  This destination is open to the entire community to contribute content to. 

Questions & Answers

Q: Is the tool supported?
A: There is no support in terms of Microsoft Premier (CSS/PSS). We expect the support being a MSDN Code Gallery community effort.
Q: Is the tool free?
A: Yes, check the license terms here:
Q: Can I distribute the tool and the source code to customers and partners?
A: Customers and Partners can use both; check the license terms here:
Q: Can a partner distribute the tool and code as is?
A: No, but he can point his customer to the website to download it, so he makes sure that the customer agrees with the license terms.
Q: Can a customer install the customization and use it?
A: Yes the customer can, but he/she is responsible for testing it and running it.
Q: Can I suggest changes to it?
A: Yes MSDN Code Gallery’s Work Item functionality (under Issue Tracker tab).
Q: Will this tool be distributed in other ways (i.e. DVDs)?
A: Yes in the two solution marketing VPC mentioned above.
Q: What are all the EPM projects released on CodePlex/MSDN Code Gallery?
Check these:

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