Microsoft Project Server 2007 Books

While there are a lot of books on Microsoft Project 2007 (the desktop application), for instance:

as far as I know only two five books have been published so far on Project Server 2007:

Microsoft® Office Project Server 2007: The Complete Reference by Dave Gochberg and Rob Stewart (Paperback, 647 pages, Jan 22, 2008) Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 Unleashed by QuantumPM LLC (Paperback, 1296 pages, Nov 1, 2007)
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Both books are excellent and even though Unleashed had “Customization” chapters I found the Complete Reference easier to read, it also had a good section on the added benefit or using SharePoint Server. Both books could benefit having a References sections with URL to key resources for IT Professionals and Developers such as these:

Both are also missing deployment project templates such as these:

Post update on 6/19/2008 thanks to Gary Chefetz from MSProjectExperts, there are other books on Project Server 2007 that go deeper into deployment guidance for instance:

Implementing and Administering Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 Managing Enterprise Projects using Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 Collaborating on Enterprise Projects using Microsoft Office Project Server 2007

Check the following two sites:

Happy reading and happy deployment!

PS: if I have missed any other Project Server 2007 books, please send me an email and I’ll be happy to complement this list!

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  1. gchefetz says:

    Christophe: You missed a few books! Not only do we cover implementation and administration in Implementing and Administering Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 we have books for Project Mangers, Team Members and Developers too!

    Gary Chefetz

    Project MVP

  2. Thank you Gary, I’ve just update my post.

  3. Hagit Landman published a great book last summer entitled Enterprise Project Management Using Microsoft

  4. janany says:

    Hei Christophe,

    I come from total technical background with MCITP and have read the Project server 2007 unleashed front to back.  But as you pointed out it was lacking deployment scenarios and I used TechNet site while doing my virtual pcs and client setups.  

    In your opinion, do you think I should also get the Complete reference book?

    Another question is I am a PMP (newbie at PM) as well and wanted to get one good book to link PM process with Project Server and know the best practices etc.

    There are two books mentioned specifically for that:

    1. Managing Enterprise Projects  

    2. Best Practices for Implementing an EPM Solution

    I am not sure which one I should get?

  5. this one is good: “Best Practices for Implementing an EPM Solution”

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