Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 and Project Server 2007

Last week we released Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, and with it comes an out of the box integration with Project Server 2007.


Both products address a common scenario: Line Of Business Integration (LOBI) between an ERP system and Project Server; in this case no need for custom code (check out the LOBI session code sample Brian Smith and I did at TechEd Developer last week in Orlando)!


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  1. Paul Conroy says:

    Are there any plans to provide native integration with other products in the dynamics suite ?

  2. which one were you thinking of specifically?

  3. Paul Conroy says:

    CRM is an obvious candidate, but also products like Dynamics SL which has it’s own project module.

  4. Paul Conroy says:

    CRM gets the most requests followed by SL.

  5. Last June, Dynamics AX 2009 was released with an out of the box connector to Project Server 2007 . If

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