TechNet Update and Best Practices for Managing the Project Server Queue Service

Office Server product pages on TechNet have been updated with following (thanks Efren for the description):


What’s new on the Office system page:

  • Full product listing front and center.
  • Highlights section is relatively static and will promote events (such as a SharePoint conference) and Service Packs (which are always popular).

What’s new on the TechCenter pages:

  • Life cycle tabs (Evaluate, Plan, Deploy, Operate) – this is a feature specific to Office. Contains specific content to get the IT pro started on the deployment path
  • Concentration on community – note the blogs, MVP, and forums sections that are prominent on most pages. Blogs displayed rotate through on refresh, as do the MVPs displayed.
  • Download feeds (with RSS) – downloads displayed change as feed is updated.
  • Newly published content feeds (with RSS) – articles displayed change as feed is updated, MUST SUBCRIBED TO THIS!!!!, same one for SharePoint Server is this

Last but not least check out this latest addition to our product documentation:

Best practices for managing the Microsoft Office Project Server Queue Service

This section describes best practices and troubleshooting tips for queue service issues when using Project Server 2007. This chapter contains the following articles:

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