How to Rename Projects After a Project Server 2007 Migration

You have probably noticed after a Project Server 2003 to a Project Server 2007 migration that all the project name have the string “_Published” appended at the end (check Migration guide for Office Project Server 2007).

Mike Shughrue has written a tool that will “bulk” rename all the projects in one click as shown below:

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One more step that the does not do today, is that after a rename you will have to republish the project to re-synch the Reporting database; this could be easily done with a one line PSI call to the following method: QueuePublish

I have published the executable and the source code for this tool on MSDN Code Gallery:

Since in the past I have published code samples on my blog and on CodePlex you might be wondering why this new portal:

Code Gallery is a community-enabled Web site where you can share developer information and resources such as sample applications and code snippets. CodePlex is Microsoft's open source project hosting Web site. Code Gallery is a pure storage site, with no project management capabilities. If you need to manage a live code project, CodePlex is a better choice.

So expect more samples on Code Gallery in the future, for more information check this: What are the differences between CodePlex and Code Gallery?

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