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Please find below a recap of all content released by the Project User Assistance group during the past two months, happy reading/watching and keep deploying the EPM stack!

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    Hi Christophe – I have been a avid reader of your blog for quite a while now, and firstly want to thank you for the fantastic content.  Its a great way for me to stay up to day with, for instance, newly released content like this.

    I was very excited to the Migration using SQL Tools and Restore using SQL Tools guides, as this is something that i had tried to achieve quite a couple of times on my own, but with now success. However, I think these guides are disgracefully inadequate as they do not go into nearly enough detail to be able to restore or move an installation using SQL db backups only.  It only lists steps for actually restoring the SQL databases which is great, but none of the detail I would expect to see is discussed:

    -In what state must the destination farm be?  Clean (no Web Apps), SSP Created, etc?

    -What should one do to link the Content DB and the SSP DB?  When I tried previously to simply attach the content db and restore the SSP database (using the Restore SSP in Central Administration) the PWA site that should have been in the Content DB was not accessible (giving an Unexpected Error Ocurred) and there were no PWA sites in the SSP Admin site.

    I have actually been going around customers and everyone else that its not possible to restore the configuration using SQL Tools only as there have been absolutely no documentation on this from Microsoft apart from the guides you have linked to.  The whole backup and restore story for Project Server 2007 is a miserable one, in my opinion and I have complained about this to all and sundry (through PSS, through our Account Manager, etc) but I am very disappointed to see that the situation does not improve.

    I am sorry for this essay on your post, but I wanted to point out that I don’t think its feasible to post content like those guides in their current state.


  2. What you should be doing is leverage the SharePoint backup/restore feature to take care of the SSP, content db etc…

  3. Demo Videos Watch this: Use lag and lead time This demo shows how to use lag and lead time to create

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