EPM Database Maintenance Tasks

After you deploy EPM 2007 in your production environment, I highly recommend you have a SQL maintenance plan in place.

Maintenance tasks that should be in this plan include:

  • Backup
  • Check DB integrity
  • Rebuild Index (-> update statistics)
  • History cleanup
  • Maintenance cleanup

For more information on this subject please check the standard SQL documentation as well as these two articles for SharePoint databases (thank you Chris Gideon for the pointers):

Comments (4)

  1. Lately I’ve heard a few requests to improve the Project Server queue performance. For instance some of

  2. patrice-lacroix@hotmail.com says:


    We created a maintenance plan as mentionned in the referred articles and it takes around 20 min. to execute.  The environment is pretty small, not even 10 projects, no project workspace.  How long is it gonna take on a production environment ?

    I am wondering if anybody has noticed the same behaviour ?

  3. I would recommend you deploy the newly released Infrastructure Update to leverage the latest performance gains.

    As far as the maintenance plan goes, depending which one you implemented it should be run offpeak during week-ends (defrag for instance).

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