How to install Project Server 2003 & Project Server 2007 on the same server

Thanks to Emmanuel, please find below the sequence to install a mixed Project Server 2003 & Project Server 2007 environment on the same server typically used for testing/merging data during a migration process.

·              Install Winproj (Project Professional) 2003 first, and then install Winproj 2007. They work side by side and thus can coexist on the same machine.

Please note that only one of them will get registered as the default to open Winproj file formats. So for actions that involve opening Winproj from Project Web Access, you might end up getting the working version. To avoid this, it is advised to open WinProj before initiating actions from Project Web Access that would invoke WinProj.

·              Install EPM 2003 Server and WSS 2.0 first, and then install  EPM 2007 (you need to choose to install WSS 3.0 side by side with WSS 2.0 – NOT choose in place upgrade)

WSS 2.0 and 3.0 needs to be extended on different web applications. If EPM 2003 needs to coexist on the same web app as EPM 2007, then you need to add excluded paths for Project Server and MSADC.

·              EPM 2003 and EPM 2007 ActiveX controls work side by side since they are distinctly named.

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  1. djo says:

    i got a question

    can you install project server and sql on same machine?

    thanks in advanced

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