Why install x64 version of WSS 3.0, SharePoint Server 2007, and SQL 2005?

Ever wondered what would be the advantages?

How about installing SQL x64 on a Windows 2003 x64 server?

Joel Oleson has written an excellent post on this subject: Why WSS 3.0 x64 and MOSS 2007 x64... What's the deal?

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  1. dlamb says:


    Love the blog!

    (would have sent this as an email… but i cant figure out how on msdn blogs…)  I am putting together a reblog using WordPress to aggregate Project and Project Server themed blogs, to get the latest news and to provide a searchable resource for tips, etc. Added to this will be newsgroup postings from Microsoft.public.projectserver also, and perhaps some kb articles to provide what I heope will be a very useful resource for Project Server professionals. (Also hopes it sends more traffic your way) If you think this is something your users will like, a post in your news, or a link, would be most welcome.

    Thank you.

    Duncan Lamb

  2. dlamb says:


    opps I apologize for the name problem!


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