Lets get our priorities right!

I usually ask my customers about business priorities before a Microsoft Development Toolset presentation or discussion.  In most cases the response is something like ‘must be on time’, ‘must come in under budget’ or ‘must be feature complete’.  Most vendors use the same trite phrases to promote their solutions – and the famous/infamous CHAOS report even assesses project outcomes based on…

New VS2010 Testing Courses available now!

KJ Ross, a premium Microsoft Partner, is now offering Visual Studio 2010 based Testing Courses (see dates & locations below).  KJ Ross has an excellent reputation and a deep understanding of Software Testing and Software Quality in general.  This is an excellent opportunity to learn from one of the leaders in the industry. Introduction to Microsoft Visual…

Visual Studio Team Test – Quick Reference Guide released!

If you are using Visual Studio Team Test (VSTT) I suggest you download the new VSTT Quick Reference Guide here.  The document explains product specifics in great details, it includes tips & tricks for unit, functional and load tests.  A wealth of information to get you started on validating the quality of your applications!


The cost of having – or not having – quality in your software

In my role as a Visual Studio Team System technical specialist I spend a lot of time talking to customers about quality software – after all the product is designed with this in mind.  Naturally most customers are very keen to increase quality – but only if it can be done on the cheap…..   Unfortunately…


Why should I care about ‘Quality’?

Quality is one of those words that seem to be self explanatory – “of course we want quality, lots of it!”, but when asked “and why is that?” my customers are often at a loss to elaborate.  The term is used very liberally in most industries but rarely goes beyond empty phrases.  Recently I stumbled…


Test Center community website – learn & share

Microsoft has created a Test Center community website for anyone interested in the quality aspect of software development.  You will find best practices, videos, blogs and other information.  We also would like to encourage you to share your experiences – good and bad!