Lets get our priorities right!

I usually ask my customers about business priorities before a Microsoft Development Toolset presentation or discussion.  In most cases the response is something like ‘must be on time’, ‘must come in under budget’ or ‘must be feature complete’.  Most vendors use the same trite phrases to promote their solutions – and the famous/infamous CHAOS report even assesses project outcomes based on…


Want to know the magic formula of how to develop software successfully?

The magic formula is: Success == People + Process + Tools Well this is hardly a revelation of historic proportions, but why is it people keep looking for that elusive tool that will solve all their problems?  Tools are very important, don’t get me wrong, but they are not a substitute for inappropriate processes and…


Requirements Management with VSTS?

So you think we can’t do this in VSTS?  Steve Lange has written an elaborate 4-part series about how you can(with and without partner add-ons).  Check it out here.


Requirements? What exactly do you mean?

Have you ever wondered why specifying requirements continues to be a major challenge for most organisations?  Well there are many legitimate reasons, but using the term “Requirement” in the first place isn’t helping ….  Read this paper if you want to fix this. RequirementsManagement.docx


Lost in translation – or the Bulls Eye framework

A software development effort is essentially a “translation” of a business need into a software solution.  The problem is that several “translations” are required before machines can take over and generate the final software product. The process typically starts with some requirements gathering, perhaps some level of analysis and design until code can be produced.  Each of these…


ALM versus SDLC – two different things

You may hear that “VSTS is an ALM tool” when talking with a Microsoft rep or techie.  This is not a misrepresentation but what they often mean is that “VSTS is an SDLC tool”.  Unfortunately marketing got their hands on this acronym and IMHO got it all tangled up.  Lets deconfuse the two very distinct things:…