TFS Best Practices

Are you looking for Team Foundation Server (TFS) Best Practices?  Have a look at this whitepaper here: No it’s not mine, but it’s superb!


ALM versus SDLC – two different things

You may hear that “VSTS is an ALM tool” when talking with a Microsoft rep or techie.  This is not a misrepresentation but what they often mean is that “VSTS is an SDLC tool”.  Unfortunately marketing got their hands on this acronym and IMHO got it all tangled up.  Lets deconfuse the two very distinct things:…


Branching & Merging Primer

Are you confused about branching?  Terrified of merging?  Or do you still believe a branch == version?  Read this paper! PS:  This article is now part of the MSDN library: Branching & Merging Primer.doc