Project Server 2007 integration for TFS available now!

If you are developing an integration of Project Server 2007 to Team Foundation Server (TFS) – stop wasting any more time and money.  We have done the work for you!  Here is where you can get it:    

Visual Studio Team System 2010 – coming soon to a computer near you ..

I get more and more questions about VSTS2010 – Microsoft’s next generation tool platform – as the days go by.  I am not surprised given the exciting stuff we’ll release on **/**/20** (sorry date is TOP SECRET).  In the meantime here is a collection of links you can use to start reading more about specific…

VSTS2010 Extensibility Points

I am busy getting people excited about VSTS2010 (it’s not very hard :-)) and often I get questions about customising workflows, work items, Team Build, etc.  Terry Clancy has written a good blog post listing all the extensibility points in Visual Studio Team System 2010.  Check it out here.

Visual Studio 2010. Launch date March 22nd 2010!

Finally the cat is out of the bag – the next version of Visual Studio will be available Monday, 22nd of March 2010!  You don’t have to wait until then to play with this new exciting release, Visual Studio Beta 2 bits are available on MSDN now! At a glance, what’s new? 1) New product names. Gone is the name…

Lets get our priorities right!

I usually ask my customers about business priorities before a Microsoft Development Toolset presentation or discussion.  In most cases the response is something like ‘must be on time’, ‘must come in under budget’ or ‘must be feature complete’.  Most vendors use the same trite phrases to promote their solutions – and the famous/infamous CHAOS report even assesses project outcomes based on…