Requirements Management with VSTS?

So you think we can’t do this in VSTS?  Steve Lange has written an elaborate 4-part series about how you can(with and without partner add-ons).  Check it out here.


Requirements? What exactly do you mean?

Have you ever wondered why specifying requirements continues to be a major challenge for most organisations?  Well there are many legitimate reasons, but using the term “Requirement” in the first place isn’t helping ….  Read this paper if you want to fix this. RequirementsManagement.docx


Test Center community website – learn & share

Microsoft has created a Test Center community website for anyone interested in the quality aspect of software development.  You will find best practices, videos, blogs and other information.  We also would like to encourage you to share your experiences – good and bad!


Lost in translation – or the Bulls Eye framework

A software development effort is essentially a “translation” of a business need into a software solution.  The problem is that several “translations” are required before machines can take over and generate the final software product. The process typically starts with some requirements gathering, perhaps some level of analysis and design until code can be produced.  Each of these…


Team Foundation Server – Operations Guidance Released!

Planning the installation and operation of a Team Foundation Server can be daunting at times, there are so many things to consider.  Microsoft just released the Team Foundation Operations Guidance to address this issue.  Check it out here:


New Team Foundation Server 2005 Powertool version released!

The new version of the TFS 2005 Powertool includes a “Best Practices Analyzer” that can tell you what’s wrong with your TFS installation.  Another new feature are Work Item templates that allow you to prepopulate work items with data.  This can save you tons of time if work item data tends to be repetitive.  Check it…


What’s new in Team Foundation Server 2008?

For a definitive list of feature in Team Foundation Server 2008 (i.e. Orcas) check out Brian Harry’s blog:  

Hosted Team Foundation Server?

Do you want to use Team Foundation Server but don’t want to bother with the maintenance?   Do you want to evaluate Team Foundation Server?  Check out Readify’s hosted Team Foundation Server offering:  

What version of TFS am I Running?

Do you need to know what TFS version you are running?  Our resident genius Andrew Coates whipped up a utility to do just that.  You can download it here.

Project Server 2007 integration for TFS available now!

If you are developing an integration of Project Server 2007 to Team Foundation Server (TFS) – stop wasting any more time and money.  We have done the work for you!  Here is where you can get it: