Visual Studio 2010 – Transition to the new editions

If you are an existing Visual Studio customer with a current MSDN subscription, you will transition to the following new editions (on March 22nd): a) Visual Studio Professional with MSDN Pro ==> Visual Studio 2010 Professional with MSDN b) Visual Studio Professional with MSDN Premium ==> Visual Studio 2010 Premium with MSDN c) Visual Studio Team Edition ==> Visual Studio…

Visual Studio 2010. Launch date March 22nd 2010!

Finally the cat is out of the bag – the next version of Visual Studio will be available Monday, 22nd of March 2010!  You don’t have to wait until then to play with this new exciting release, Visual Studio Beta 2 bits are available on MSDN now! At a glance, what’s new? 1) New product names. Gone is the name…

VSTS2010 Extensibility Points

I am busy getting people excited about VSTS2010 (it’s not very hard :-)) and often I get questions about customising workflows, work items, Team Build, etc.  Terry Clancy has written a good blog post listing all the extensibility points in Visual Studio Team System 2010.  Check it out here.

Visual Studio Team System 2010 – coming soon to a computer near you ..

I get more and more questions about VSTS2010 – Microsoft’s next generation tool platform – as the days go by.  I am not surprised given the exciting stuff we’ll release on **/**/20** (sorry date is TOP SECRET).  In the meantime here is a collection of links you can use to start reading more about specific…

VSTS Essential training offered in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane

Enhance ALM, a Microsoft Partner in Australia, offers training courses this month to get you started with Visual Studio Team System.  If you live in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane see the schedule below.  The courses are short and well priced.  This is a very good opportunity to use your remaining training budget and get your development team trained up and ready…


Agile Development with TFS – Training in Brisbane

Readify, one of Microsoft’s best partner is running a 2-day workshop in Brisbane, covering agile development with VSTS – an event not to be missed!  For details of how to sign up, click the link below:   Readify’s Professional Series Training…                                              What’s coming up in Brisbane…   Readify’s Team Foundation Server/Agile Workshop  …


Visual Studio Team Test – Quick Reference Guide released!

If you are using Visual Studio Team Test (VSTT) I suggest you download the new VSTT Quick Reference Guide here.  The document explains product specifics in great details, it includes tips & tricks for unit, functional and load tests.  A wealth of information to get you started on validating the quality of your applications!


Activity, Deliverable or Outcome?

I have come to the conclusion people are either: – activity focused – delivery focused – outcome focused The first lot just does stuff.  Their calendar is always full, meetings are double or triple booked.  When asked what on earth they are doing you are most likely to get a meeting request for an explanation. …


Want to know the magic formula of how to develop software successfully?

The magic formula is: Success == People + Process + Tools Well this is hardly a revelation of historic proportions, but why is it people keep looking for that elusive tool that will solve all their problems?  Tools are very important, don’t get me wrong, but they are not a substitute for inappropriate processes and…


Want to migrate source code from Subversion, StarTeam or CVS to TFS?

TimelyMigration offers a migration tool to move your Subversion, StarTeam and CVS repositories to Microsoft Team Foundation Server – check it out here.  Our folks in Redmond have only good things to say about them – so try them out!