Lets get our priorities right!

I usually ask my customers about business priorities before a Microsoft Development Toolset presentation or discussion.  In most cases the response is something like ‘must be on time’, ‘must come in under budget’ or ‘must be feature complete’.  Most vendors use the same trite phrases to promote their solutions – and the famous/infamous CHAOS report even assesses project outcomes based on…


New VS2010 Testing Courses available now!

KJ Ross, a premium Microsoft Partner, is now offering Visual Studio 2010 based Testing Courses (see dates & locations below).  KJ Ross has an excellent reputation and a deep understanding of Software Testing and Software Quality in general.  This is an excellent opportunity to learn from one of the leaders in the industry. Introduction to Microsoft Visual…


Important TFS Updates

You should be aware of a number of updates to TFS 2010, one is available now, the other two coming soon….  Here they are: 1. TFS has been re-released (available now on MSDN) to include an important fix, solving a specific problem when upgrading from 2008 to 2010.  To learn more about this issue see Brian Harry’s blog post. 2. TFS update patch…


Upgrading TFS from Beta2 to RC

Given the Team Foundation Server 2010 Release Candidate has been released, you may want to upgrade your current Beta 2 installation (you have installed it right?).  Here are the instructions of how to do this:  http://blogs.msdn.com/bkrieger/archive/2010/02/03/tfs-2010-beta2-to-rc-upgrade-guide.aspx  


Inaugural ALM Conference & Visual Studio 2010 Launch (Luna Park Sydney) – early bird offer!

The Australian ALM Conference Early Bird OfferThe inaugural Australian ALM Conference and Microsoft Australia official launch of Visual Studio 2010 is scheduled for the 13th & 14th April this year. Registrations have just opened and we would like to let you know about a special Early Bird offer. The first 50 attendees to register for…


VS2010 Beta2 – limited production support

As you probably know, VS2010 ships March 22nd 2010, but there is no need to wait until then.  Beta2 has been out for a while and we encourage you to use it in earnest now.  We provide ‘limited support’ for production application development.   Jeff Beehler blogged about the meaning of “limited support”, but here…


Microsoft acquires TeamPrise – THE Team Foundation Server integration for Java Developers

Microsoft has finally decided to acquire TeamPrise – a long overdue decision!  TeamPrise provides an integration to Team Foundation Server for Java developers.  It comes as an Eclipse plug-in, as a standalone client and as a command line version.  If you have a mixed Java / .NET development environment, you should check it out -…


Visual Studio 2010 – "The ULTIMATE Offer" roadshow – invitation

The next wave of the latest Microsoft technologies is about to land on our shores, providing new and exciting ways to develop custom applications.  Visual Studio 2010 is the upcoming release of Microsoft’s market leading integrated Development Tool Platform – specifically designed to leverage these new capabilities. Come to this presentation to learn how Visual…


Free VS2010 & .NET 4.0 Online Training available now!

Now that VS2010 Beta 2 is available, check out the Channel 9 Learning Center for updated VS2010 online training courses – six are available, more are coming in the near future.