Branching & Merging Primer

Are you confused about branching?  Terrified of merging?  Or do you still believe a branch == version?  Read this paper! PS:  This article is now part of the MSDN library: Branching & Merging Primer.doc


ALM versus SDLC – two different things

You may hear that “VSTS is an ALM tool” when talking with a Microsoft rep or techie.  This is not a misrepresentation but what they often mean is that “VSTS is an SDLC tool”.  Unfortunately marketing got their hands on this acronym and IMHO got it all tangled up.  Lets deconfuse the two very distinct things:…


The cost of having – or not having – quality in your software

In my role as a Visual Studio Team System technical specialist I spend a lot of time talking to customers about quality software – after all the product is designed with this in mind.  Naturally most customers are very keen to increase quality – but only if it can be done on the cheap…..   Unfortunately…


Upgrade from TFS Trial Edition to Full Version?

I get asked this question a lot – usually when TFS stopped working because the trial license expired…..   If you are in this situation don’t panic and don’t call me – the answer is right here.


New MSSCCI Provider for TFS 2008 released!

If you are using one of the technologies listed below and want to use TFS 2008, you may want to check out our new MSSCCI provider we just released.  You can download it here. Visual Studio .NET 2003 Visual C++ 6 SP6 Visual Visual Basic 6 SP6 Visual FoxPro 9 SP1 Microsoft Access 2003 SP2…



Usually I don’t blog about product futures, but I make an exception…  Microsoft released a few videos on Channel 9, showcasing new features among other things. I watched a couple of them demonstrating UML modelling capabilities you will see in VS2010.  It is great to see Microsoft finally joining the UML bandwagon (and the OMG).  Now I…


VSTS workshop training (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth)

Readify, one of our partners here in Australia is offering a one day workshop focusing on Team Foundation Server, Agile Development and technologies such as Silverlight, WCF, LINQ and others.  The training is not free but it will be delivered by excellent MVP’s – so I have no doubt its a worthwhile investment.  Here are the…


French-Australian Cooperation

A few weeks ago my colleague Jihad Dannawi joined us from the French sub, to help with the Australian Development Tools business.  As you’d expect from a sophisticated Frenchman he brought along a few popular fashion items currently en vogue in Paris. If you are interested in some of these items feel free to contact Jihad directly – if…


TFS Powertool – October 2008 Release downloadable!

If you monitor Brian Harry’s blog you already know we have released a new TFS Powertool.  I am not going to repeat Brian’s elaborate post, but pick a couple of things I really like: 1) IM capabilities in TFS – no more excuses for not communicating with your peers – instantly and in many different…


Want to know the magic formula of how to develop software successfully?

The magic formula is: Success == People + Process + Tools Well this is hardly a revelation of historic proportions, but why is it people keep looking for that elusive tool that will solve all their problems?  Tools are very important, don’t get me wrong, but they are not a substitute for inappropriate processes and…