VSTS Essential training offered in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane

Enhance ALM, a Microsoft Partner in Australia, offers training courses this month to get you started with Visual Studio Team System.  If you live in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane see the schedule below.  The courses are short and well priced.  This is a very good opportunity to use your remaining training budget and get your development team trained up and ready for the next FY 🙂


 VSTS Essentials

2d $ 1195 29-30 Jun 15-16 Jun 22-23 Jun

 VSTS Essentials for Project Managers & Business Analysts

1d $ 595 1 Jul 17 Jun 24 Jun

 Essential Database Development using VSTS

1d $ 595 3 Jul 18 Jun 25 Jun

 TFS Admin Essentials

1d $ 595 2 Jul 19 Jun 26 Jun

For more information about EnhanceALM check their website: www.enhancealm.com.au

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