Activity, Deliverable or Outcome?

I have come
to the conclusion people are either:

  1. -
    activity focused
  2. -
    delivery focused
  3. -
    outcome focused

The first
lot just does stuff.  Their calendar is always full, meetings are double
or triple booked.  When asked what on earth they are doing you are most
likely to get a meeting request for an explanation.  Hyperactivity is
confounded with productivity.

The second
lot doesn't talk as much as the first, but they create a lot of stuff. 
Reports, documents, you name it they create it.  It's not necessarily
useful, but perhaps they are getting paid by the page or weight of their deliverables.

Last but not
least, some folks focus on outcomes.  This - either near-extinct or still
evolving - species spends time defining some outcome before planning any
activity, let alone deliverables.  How refreshing - I want more of them!

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