Branching & Merging Primer

Are you confused about branching?  Terrified of merging?  Or do you still believe a branch == version?  Read this paper!

PS:  This article is now part of the MSDN library:

Branching & Merging Primer.doc

Comments (6)

  1. Rob Caron says:

    Chris Birmele is a Developer Tools Technical Specialist in Australia. Back in May, he published an introductory…

  2. This isn’t a new topic but it is getting some attention in the blogosphere.  In fact, a short but…

  3. MattySmith says:

    Thanks for the informative intro to this rather touchy (it seems) topic.

    As a fellow Australian, I noticed at the bottom of the MSDN article it says "Chris holds a degree in Business Information Technologies from Charles Stuart University"

    I’m guessing that would be Charles STURT Uni?

    Just thought you might appreciate the proof reading (possibly MSDN have some incorrect info on you?) 🙂

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