SQL Server 2008 has been released! So, what about Report Builder 2.0?

Hi friends,

I'm really happy to say that SQL Server 2008 was released on Wednesday!  This is by far our highest quality and most feature rich release, and I'm looking very forward to hearing any and all feedback about the product.  Here is some more information:

Now that SQL Server 2008 is out, you may be wondering where to find Report Builder 2.0 (known in some of the early CTPs as "Report Builder Preview"). The main Reporting Services team blog has information about the plan for Report Builder 2.0 here:


Comments (4)

  1. BSaunders411 says:

    Subreports… "implicit KeepTogether" … any chance that the PDF renderer will be updated to allow developer control over that KeepTogether property?

    I know, I know, it’s "by design" and we shouldn’t use sub-reports.  But, trust me, there are reasons we use sub-reports in the real world and I’d REALLY like to switch to SSRS!

    So – how about you just flip that bit and turn the implicit KeepTogether on subreports OFF for the final release?  Who’s gonna know?  

    Wouldn’t it be great if programming were really just that simple…

  2. AnthonyDiaz says:

    When will there be any Visual Studio 2010 Support?

  3. AnthonyDiaz says:

    Just to elaborate a little more….  Will there be any support for Reporting Services on Visual Studio 2010?  If so, when are you expecting this?  We have been having a lot of difficulty in working with Reporting Services through current versions Visual Studio.  It seams there is always a version mismatch (i.e. Visual Studio 2008 does not work with SQL RS 2005, and now Visual Studio 2010 does not seam to work with any version of SQL RS.)

    Is there going to be a fix sometime soon?

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