SQL Server Service Pack 2 Released!

Download it here:


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  1. hanuman_sinha says:


    Currently, we are facing a serious problem of conversion from Sql Query to Semantic Query and we are looking for any API or Component that handles this conversion process.

    Requirement Details:

    I’d like to tell the story happened which lead us to this requirement. We want to convert Shazam Reports (SRW) to Reporting Services (RDL) reports that support Report Builder (semantic queries). So, we planned to convert the SRW query structure into a SQL query structure and later to Semantic Query, which is recognized by the Report Builder.

    In that process, we’ve successfully developed a parser component that parses the SRW’s query structure into standard Sql query structure but now we struggling, as we don’t know how to convert an sql query into semantic query.

    We are running out of time and any information towards the solution is a great help to us.

    Hope I’d get some positive reply from you.

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