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I recently wrote a whitepaper highlighting a great tool by one of our partners:  SoftArtisans OfficeWriter. 

OfficeWriter is a design tool and custom rendering extension that lets you use Excel and Word documents as report layout templates.  This differs from conventional out-of-the-box renderers that translate RDL-defined layout into HTML/PDF/CSV/etc.

It's a different way of thinking about report design, definition, and rendering.  It has certain limitations, but what you gain is an Office-based design experience and high-fidelity Excel and Word output from Reporting Services. 

If you have a specific need for rich Excel or Word export, I encourage you to read this article and contact SoftArtisans to get set up with an eval:


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  1. strike3 says:

    I’ve asked this question several times already, but can you give any more information when MSWord renderering will be supported by reporting services?

    We already use OfficeWriter in parts of our application. Nonetheless, we have a lot of standard reports which users need in PDF format and they are crying out to be able to export the same reports in Word format.

    It has always struck me as odd that the Word renderer in misisng from Reporting Services. Given that you guys have access to the Word source code and the doc format, why did you add PDF support before Word support? I’m obviously trivializing the problem but I’d have thought Word support would be easy for you to add?

  2. MSDN Archive says:


    You’re right, there really is much more to the issue of creating a Word extension than you might think.  That said, it is a very common request from customers that we definitely want to address soon.  Though I can’t make any promises, I will say that a Word rendering extension is at the top of our list for a future release.


  3. waroo07 says:

    Sorry if I’m too direct, but I suggest you check out Aspose.Words for Reporting Services that we have just released http://www.aspose.com/Products/Aspose.WordsRS/

    It is a rendering extension for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services that adds export to DOC, RTF and WordprocessingML.

    It is built using our Aspose.Words for .NET technology for server-side document processing.

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