SQL Server 2008 has been released! So, what about Report Builder 2.0?

Hi friends, I’m really happy to say that SQL Server 2008 was released on Wednesday!  This is by far our highest quality and most feature rich release, and I’m looking very forward to hearing any and all feedback about the product.  Here is some more information: SQL Server 2008 main site Robert Bruckner’s blog post…


SQL Server Service Pack 2 Released!

Download it here: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=d07219b2-1e23-49c8-8f0c-63fa18f26d3a&DisplayLang=en


Export Word and (Better) Excel

I recently wrote a whitepaper highlighting a great tool by one of our partners:  SoftArtisans OfficeWriter.  OfficeWriter is a design tool and custom rendering extension that lets you use Excel and Word documents as report layout templates.  This differs from conventional out-of-the-box renderers that translate RDL-defined layout into HTML/PDF/CSV/etc. It’s a different way of thinking about…


The "Every Other Page Is Blank" Feature

Many Reporting Services users ask this question: “I’m rendering to a physical page format (PDF, Image, Print) and for some reason a blank page gets inserted between all of the other pages in the report.  Thank you, Reporting Services, for the free pages.  It’s a charming feature, but paper ain’t free and I’m getting paper cuts pulling out…


Merge Ahead

One issue that continually vexes users of the SQL Server Reporting Services Excel rendering extension is that of merged cells in the Excel output.  Merged cells can be a problem because Excel’s sort functionality is very particular about the way cells have to be merged in order to work properly.  Excel requires that ranges of merged cells be identically…



Hello, I’m Chris Baldwin.  I’m a Program Manager on the SQL Server Reporting Services team.  I primarily work on the report rendering area of the product where we’re all very hard at work making sure that your reports look the way you want them to and behave the way you expect when exported to the various formats…