OneNote Viewer

I sometimes get asked if there is a “viewer” available for OneNote files. There are viewers available for Word, Excel and PowerPoint (among others) so this is a natural question. The answer for OneNote is yes: it is called the trial version. You download it here for free, and it lets anyone view and search…


OneNote 2007 downloadable trial available

As Dan mentioned on his blog, those of you waiting to try out the final code (everyone currently using beta for sure!) can now download a 60-day trial of OneNote 2007 here. There is a full trial of Office 2007 Professional as well which of course is worht giving a spin too – and it…


OneNote 2007 goes Gold!

We’re done! As you may have heard, 2007 Office System (including OneNote!) went golden on Friday. We had a great ship party with lots of OneNote purple hair and not just on the OneNote team! I’d like to thank all of you who participated in the beta program and gave us feedback, whether it be…


OneNote Beta 2 Technical Refresh now available

Just a quick note to let you all know that if you are using beta 2 of OneNote, you can download the new tech refresh here. Note that this is *not* a single click update. Read the instructions on the page before installing or you will regret it. This refresh represents about 4 months of…


My One and Only OneNote

What happens when you put together a dedicated Test Manager, a loyalty-inspiring hot product, and some talent for music? You get the next great underground internet music hit: My One and Only OneNote. (click to listen – recommend you open the link in another tab/window so you can follow the lyrics as you listen) Mike Tholfsen,…


Babies, Travel, and OneNote

Hey folks, this is a quick note to let you know first of all that I am back on the blog after a 2 month hiatus for baby leave. I’ve just spent the last hour clearing out hundreds of fairly nasty comment spam so sorry if you had to endure that in your visits while…


Syncing OneNote 2007 notes across your many PCs

***update June 15, 2010*** If you have Onenote 2010, the easiest way to sync notes across PCs is to store the notebooks on SkyDrive. Either create notebooks on Skydrive at and open them into OneNote, or from your PC, use File/Share and choose Web as the method. Log in to Windows Live as directed…


Ultimate OneNote 2007

Some time ago when I announced that OneNote 12 was going to be called OneNote 2007, I mentioned that we were also part of two Office suite offerings this time: “Home and Student” and “Enterpise”. From our perspective this is great news, but a lot of people said they wanted to be able to buy OneNote…


OneNote 2007 and Outlook: Best Buddies

How doth OneNote 2007 love Outlook? Let me count the ways… From the beginning of OneNote we’ve had a lot of requests to deepen our integration with Outlook. In 2003 we had several connection points: you could email notes directly from OneNote if you had Outlook 2003, and you could create tasks from OneNote items….


Blogging with OneNote 2007 via Word 2007

Over on the Word blog Joe Friend has broken the news about the new blogging support we’ve added to Word 2007. I’m happy to say that OneNote 2007 is also going to benefit, as a feature I have long wanted will now come to OneNote 2007 – blogging support directly from OneNote. You should check…