OneNote PowerToys contest update

Many people have been asking me about the PowerToys contest. We got over 1000 submissions, which was a little overwhelming and quite a bit more than we expected. We went through them all and selected 12 semi-finalists who we contacted. We have now received their PowerToys and are evaluating them. Evaluating a PowerToy is not…


OneNote 2003 SP2 details

Last week we released Service Pack 2 (SP2) for Office System 2003. This includes OneNote 2003. Although most OneNote users today started with “SP1”, a few of you who got the original version of OneNote may remember that SP1 added a lot of functionality to the original release of OneNote and may have been expecting…


Setting up your OneNote notebook

A discussion I had today reminded me of a design conundrum we went through with OneNote when we were preparing it for first release. A guy I was talking to today said that he thought (for his web site storage product) it would be lame to put example folders on the site to try to…



It’s a funny time of year. We’re approaching our first beta of Office12 and OneNote12 in the next few months (no news here – just standard procedure). My mind is all full of this new release of software, but I am not able to speak about it publicly. That makes it pretty hard to blog…


Using OneNote on two or more machines

One question I hear pretty often is: “hey, I have two machines with OneNote – how do I keep my notes in sync?” There are a lot of ways to do this. In some ways it depends on what your needs are. After all, what doesn’t? First, be certain that you have Sp1 of OneNote….


OneNote PowerToys Redux

Ok, I’ve posted about OneNote PowerToys before, back when we released SP1 which made PowerToys possible. Now the marketing folks have started up a contest to see who can make the coolest PowerToy. You can win a new Tablet PC from Toshiba (and you don’t even have to write a PowerToy…) Listed below are all the PowerToys…


Getting organized using OneNote note flags

I’ve written recently about some of the more exotic capabilities of OneNote, but I thought I would spend a little time on Note Flags. Note Flags are one of the fundamental features of OneNote that makes the power of having an electronic notebook apparent. Oddly, although we consider Note Flags one of the fundamental features…


OneNote for Audio and Video Notes

I thought I would share with you some of the more interesting things people are doing with OneNote – especially with media. In the course of my job I get to interact with all sorts of OneNote users, and some of them do some pretty interesting things. People are using OneNote media recording for all…


The best ways to show OneNote to others

I often hear from fans of OneNote that they are frustrated because they can’t explain to others what it is they love about it. they explain for a few minutes and then their friend just says they can’t see why it is better than Word, or Notepad. (Notepad!)   It is tough with a new…


OneNote Shared Sessions

It’s been awhile since I have had time to update my blog, but it looks like I may be able to spend a little time on it for the next little while. I thought I’d try to do a series of posts on good or clever or original ways to use OneNote. Please feel free…