New Pricing for OneNote

Today (Monday) Microsoft announced that we are going to a unified price worldwide for OneNote 2003. Until today, OneNote was $99.95 in Japan, and USD$199.95 everywhere else. In the US and Canada there was a rebate coupon for USD$100 off (CDN$150), which effectively made the price $99.95, but you had to deal with the rebate….


New PowerToys for OneNote 2003 SP1

Better sooner than later – the first PowerToys are already here and available for download. Bear in mind that “PowerToy = hobby project”, so these are not necessarily the same robustly designed and high quality things you should expect in the main product, but that said, many of us use them all the time at…


Final bits of OneNote 2003 SP1 are now available

Here’s just a quick note to say that the final bits of OneNote 2003 SP1 (discussed in my last post) have now been released as a patch available here: If you have not seen or heard of SP1 or have avoided installing the preview, wait no longer – bliss awaits you. If you installed…


OneNote 2003 SP1 has wrapped

Today we had our ship party for OneNote 2003 SP1 down at Sammamish State Park (at the south end of Lake Sammamish in Issaquah for those who might know the greater Seattle area). Although we have signed off on the code, the process of building a patch, verifying it, and creating international versions continues so…


How do you use OneNote?

Although we have several different ways to collect information about how OneNote is used, I am always interested to hear how people use it. And this forum provides an opportunity for a dialog that our other data collection systems don’t really provide. So, let’s hear it. How do you use OneNote? How is your notebook…


Clippy and User Experiences

Some people have asked me to write about user experience design (as in the whole shebang, not just interface elements or features), and also about the Office Assistant (sometimes known by the default assistant, “Clippit” often referred to as “Clippy”, or other ahem, “nicknames”). Since they are somewhat related, I’ll cover both here. Also, I’ll…


The downward spiral ends here

Well, it’s clear at least that this whole area is a complex issue 🙂 I’ve noticed there is a tendency among some people leaving comments to confuse the comments with what I wrote. I am not responsible for what is written in the comments here, except to the extent that I don’t delete them (which…


More feedback: Patents

Some people asked about how I feel towards open source, and more specifically how I would feel if someone created a word processor that implemented all of the ideas of Microsoft Word. Well, open source has many flavors. To the extent that open source is about people working together, contributing their time and effort to…


More responses to comments on Word posts

Some people publicly and privately have suggested that they find it amazing that I am writing this blog. Some were just generally curious – that’s cool. But some of them have been suspicious of my motives because I blog. Three of them have asked how it is that I got “permission” to write this blog,…


More Word Feedback

Works – I am afraid I know next to nothing about Works, except that we ship a converter they give us in the Word box. Chinese on the Mac. It’s funny you mention that, because a friend of mine who is the PM in charge of MacWord is not only Chinese originally, but he is…