OneNote for Mac! OneNote is Free! We have a Service API!

Today was a great day - we released "a metric ton" of new stuff. You can read all the details on the team's official blog.

At last we were able to unveil the new OneNote for Mac release. This is something many people have asked for over the years, and the team and I are stoked to finally make it available to you all.

Second, and maybe an even bigger deal, we made OneNote free on all platforms. Now you can get OneNote (for free! not a trial version!) on Windows 7 & 8 "Desktop", Windows 8 "Metro", Windows Phone, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, and we also have a version that runs in the browser. You can get all this stuff at There are a few extra goodies that come with a paid version, but I think you'll agree that the free version is a great deal. (and the paid version comes with all the rest of Office, for just $5.83/month at the annual rate, an extra 20GB of OneDrive storage, Skype minutes and more). That's a better deal than $5/mo for a single app....

Third, we released an API for our cloud service that lets developers connect to OneNote. We already have a number of partners - you can see them all here: You can also use the API to mail notes to yourself at, or get a "clipper" to add to your favorite browser that sends web pages to OneNote to help with web research.  If you are a developer interested in connecting to OneNote, check our portal on

Fourth, we released a new mobile app of our own called Office Lens that lets you scan documents and whiteboards directly into OneNote. It's available for now on Windows Phone only. Check it out!

With the free 7GB of OneDrive cloud storage available to anyone, you can stay in sync across all your devices with your notes and To-Dos, invite your family and friends to shared notebooks, and generally bask in the feeling of being on top of it all...

Today we hit #1 trending topic on FaceBook, #1 in productivity in the Mac app store (ahead of even the OS X Maverick download), and more than 50K pages sent to OneNote through our API before we could even have our party!

Here is the team celebrating today - as you can see St. Patrick's Day is all about purple for the OneNote team!

I thought I'd share some of the coverage we are getting - pretty great stuff - and love the comments - so positive!

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MacWorld: First look: Could Microsoft OneNote for Mac replace Evernote? (duh, of course it can - it was never displaced to begin with!)

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Comments (7)

  1. Stan Kramer says:

    Congrats and thank you so much! Been with you since the very beginning=)

  2. Iman says:


    it is amazing how many people are working on OneNote.

  3. Iman, I had the same reaction. They aren't all on "OneNote" though – some folks in that picture work on shared code for our Mac products, marketing, etc. Still – it is a far bigger team now than when we started 13 years ago 🙂

  4. Gosta Enberg says:

    Hi Chris!

    Amazing, I just downloaded OneNote for OSX yesterday. It's really an impressive piece of software working seamlessly between all kind of devices. I've just question regarding the functionality of the Mac version, do you known when will it be on par with the PC version?

  5. aliberty says:

    OneNote rocks on OSX!

  6. Gosta, we're committed to regular updates, so you'll see new capabilities showing up on different platforms from now on. The Windows version of OneNote is a pretty powerful app, and uses many capabilities that come with Windows, so it will be awhile before the Mac version "catches up" with everything in the Windows version. That said, maybe there are some capabilities you would like to see first? We're always interested in feedback so we can prioritize the work.

  7. Brian passante says:

    Handling PDF and printing to pdf function in osx is missing!!   Hard to replace evernote without his functionality.

    Please add this feature first, following by  osx scripting dictionary tools !

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