Onetastic – it’s fantastic!

I recently came across a nifty free add-in for OneNote 2010 called Onetastic that provides some capabilities OneNote users have wanted for a while: image rotate and crop, quick text styles, the ability to pin links to any part of your notes to the desktop, and importantly, gives you a "Favorites" list within OneNote itself so you can easily access your favorite note pages from a pick list.


Perhaps my favorite feature is OneCalendar, which builds a calendar view of your notebooks. You can easily see what notes have appeared recently, and browse by date in a familiar calendar view. OneNote already have view by date but OneCalendar really made the notes in my notebooks pop. It is especially useful for anyone using team shared notebooks, since you can see at a glance just how much others have been adding to the notebooks. Turns out - there's a lot I wasn't aware of!


Onetastic is made by Omer Atay a developer on the OneNote team in his spare time. What better assurance that it's safe and compatible with the product?


Onetastic requires OneNote 2010 (or a later version - wink wink), and requires OneNote to be on Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 or higher (I am running on Win8 Consumer Preview and it works fine)


Give it a spin. It's small, free, and useful. Hard to argue with that.

Comments (3)

  1. contextfree says:

    Installed. Don't care about any of the other features, but OneCalendar is just what I wanted.

  2. Windows 8 and OneNote wil rule the market (phone, tablet) with the accompanying supporting hardware to be released. Must remove search for text within a document feature

  3. Eileen says:

    You are right! Fantastic little app!

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