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It's not often these days I post twice in one week, but I just loved this post about The Garage @ Microsoft. This is a community that started up about 18 months ago as a grassroots effort, initiated by my team, Office Labs, but now is self-sustaining and run by the community itself. In the picture, I'm the one on the farthest left with the big cheesy smile. I think Quinn did a great job explaining what it is all about in the interview. The Garage is one of the reasons its so fun to work at Microsoft. People come together to work on their passion, and they have the support and resources they need to follow their ideas to fruition.

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  1. stevecla01 says:

    glad you enjoyed the post Chris 🙂

  2. Emanuel, says:

    Hi.  Sorry if this is out of place.

    I'm running OneNote 12.0.6545.5004.

    I have used the audio recording feature for classes seamlessly over the past year.

    However, recently, and from now on, everything records and when I click the microphone to stop the recording, I get the following error:

    "OneNote cannot execute this command because it has encountered an error with this recording."

    I tried running "onenote /forcerepair" – no luck.

    I can still open the file manually, but I don't have the perk of skipping to lines of text I wrote in class to hear what happened then.

    I'm sure you are busy, and there is, of course, Microsoft Support, which I can't afford because I'm a student living off loans… but if you can help at all, please email me at

    Much thanks in advance,


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