64-bit "Print to OneNote" solution now available

Good old David Rasmussen who is Group Program Manager of OneNote has built (in his "spare" time) a way to send printouts to OneNote 2007 directly on 64-bit Vista and Win7. It's a little clunkier than the built-in 32-bit only solution that comes with OneNote 2007, but if you use a 64-bit OS like I do you've wanted this for a long time.

David's project lives on codeplex, which is an open source location for projects that Microsoft employees work on. If you want to improve David's stuff, go right ahead. It's pretty impressive that a guy as busy as David had any time to do this at all, but the OneNote team has always felt the need to respond to customers and this has been a top request for awhile as 64-bit machines have really taken off since OneNote 2007 was released.

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  1. Dave Snigier says:

    This makes me so happy! I had to move away from Onenote due to the lack of importing options. Evernote really never was an option due to their terrible use of screen real estate especially on widescreen monitors and silly "paper strip" outline. I can’t wait to be back to sensible categories and proper tablet support!

    There wouldn’t happen to be a web clipping tool for firefox 3.0.x or IE 8 would there?

    Can’t wait for Office 2010!

    -Dave Snigier

  2. Mike Walsh says:


    Codeplex isn’t "an open source location for projects that Microsoft employees work on."

    There is no restriction to Microsoft employees and most of the projects there are not from Microsoft employees.

    If any one place best justifies your description, it is probably MSDN Code Gallery which has much less code/projects and which does seem to be virtually Microsoft employees only.

    Mike Walsh

  3. Dave: IE8 supports the Onenote 2007 web clipping tool. I have it in my tools menu. there is a web clipping tool for firefox as well (I think pretty easy to find via search).

    Mike: Sorry my grammar construction was poor. The projects that MS employees work on that they want to open source end up (often) on codeplex. It would be meaningless to say that only MS employees work on them once they are up there (wouldn’t be open source) or for me to invite readers of this public blog to go work on them if that were true. Also I did not mean to imply that only projects started by MS employees are there. My wording was not restrictive that way, but I can see how someone sensitive to that might read that into what I wrote. My bad!

  4. Mike Walsh says:

    Not a problem, Chris.

    I don’t think I’m particularly sensitive, but I continually monitor the codeplex system for new stable SharePoint solutions and so am well aware that very few of those projects are from MS people.

    I genuinely thought that you thought (!) that all the projects there were started by MS people.

    Yet another example of how the written word can be misinterpreted …

  5. tim says:

    * The zoom on onenote is pretty poor, even tho it’s something i use all the time – and such use is intrinsic to the use of a program like this.

    * I suggest you either:

    – add + and – buttons for instant zooming (with adjustable default zoom)

    – add a slider

    – make canvass avab to xp users

    It’s poor and should be fixed. It’s intrinsic to the way users use the program – which u will see for yourself if you get researchers to observe them.

    This comes close to a bug.

    Otherwise, love the program – so thanks for the rest of it!

  6. I know this is off topic, but I thought I would ask the experts. I am a neuroscience researcher and I use Onenote as a lab notebook (e-lab-book.com). I was wondering why onenote doesn’t have the ability to do sub-sub-pages and sub-sub-sub-pages? How can I get that to be included in 2010?

  7. tim: thanks for the feedback. Zoom could be better, I agree (and that’s one reason we built Canvas for OneNote in Office Labs). I’m curious what makes you want to use it "all the time" though. I am not sure I agree it is "intrinsic" to a program like OneNote (as intended today), which is modeled after a looseleaf notebook.

    Shawn: the main reason there isn’t "infinfite" sub page capability is that an infinite hierarchy is not the model OneNote is after. Much like with bullets and sub bullets, while in theory one might have an infinite tree, the great majority of people never nest more than three levels. Of course we support more than that (but not infinite) because it does not otherwise disrupt the exerience of the appliation. With sub pages however, we want to present the pages as if they were part of a notebook, so the idea of grouping pages makes sense, but not too much more we thought (and it would confuse the page tabs to have significant nesting). That said, you never know – and 2010 is just around the corner!

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