Australian students get a deal on Office 2007 (and OneNote!)

I'm hearing some buzz about a 90-day offer going on in Australia. If you are a student at one of about 30 universities, you can get the "Ultimate" edition of Office 2007 (includes OneNote!)  for AUS$75 which is about 5% of what it costs to buy if you were to pay full price (which no one does of course, but it is still an amazing deal). Alternatively you can "rent to own" for AUS$25/yr for three years. Too good to be true? No, it's for real.

You can read more here:

And bland details here:

I looked into this a bit and while some people in Australia are speculating a lot about why this promotion is going on, the background is pretty simple. The fact is most university students can already get Office for about this price from their university because their university negotiated it into their purchase agreement on behalf of the students. The students just don't know it. And the universities find it a hassle to get the product out to students because they have to do all the muck work: getting boxes stocked, checking IDs, making sure people don't buy more than one, etc. So they don't promote it. This trial offer in Australia is experimenting with Microsoft handling the work. As long as the particular university you attend has purchased the right for all its students to have the software, you can just get a licence key directly from Microsoft. The difference is that the students have to get their own bits (usually download the free trial).

Pretty good deal. If you're a student in Australia, go for it!

I don't know anything about whether this program will be extended or offered in more places, so please don't ask, OK?


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  1. Dave says:

    Yeah, I took advantage of this offer and I immediately installed OneNote and Groove. (I don’t have a WebDAV server, so Groove keeps my notes in sync across computers). OneNote is so cool!

  2. James Molesworth says:

    I read in a local paper, in Melbourne Australia, that this is a test to see how successful selling Office and other Microsoft products is online to students.  If it’s successful, they’ll roll it out to high school, and other educational institutes.

    The article can be found at :

  3. Alan Robertson says:

    A similar deal is available for NHS employees in the UK. It’s called the Home User Programme and can be accessed at

    It offers the full Enterprise edition of Office for about £18 rather than the usual £400 or so! The main benefit is that you get both Outlook and OneNote this way (as opposed to having to spend £75 or so for Word/Excel/PPT/OneNote then another £75 for Outlook.


  4. Matt says:

    Hi there,

    Just found your blog (via the Word Team blog). I have taken advantage of this – being a student.. and i’m trying to tell my fellow students how much of a good deal this is! But not alot of them are interested. I find this quite sad as I am doing a high level IT degree.  Hopefully this will become commonplace for uni students – the Home & Student version of office is not quite sufficient if you need to use all the office suite programs!

    It would be great if you could use this blog to display some of the neat features of OneNote.. I have only been playing with it for a few days and its a great program – but there’s not enough literature out there on its capabilities(or not that I have found so far..)


  5. Matt, this blog has been *all about* the neat features of OneNote. Check this page ( for a "table of contents" of the *new* features in 2007. The OneNote 2007 Guide notebook that comes with OneNote itself is another great resource.

    Another blog to read is Dan Escapa from the OneNote team. He is furiously blogging away about all sorts of stuff:

  6. anothr user says:

    One new subscriber from Anothr Alerts

  7. Reza says:

    Your promotion in Austoralia was great, but can you do a similar of these in Malaysia.

    Most Malaysian Student using unlicesned software,because they don’t want to pay for licesned one because it is very expensive.

    If you do this promotion for only Multimedia University-Cyberjaya( for all student.You help me to change they mind of many of them toy use legal license and you safethem against many damage to their systems such as Marco attachs Viruses.

  8. Reza: I don’t work on the promotions but I did pass your comment on. I think the Australian promotion is a test to see if the program works – and so far it seems to be doing really well. In fact all it is is trying to do is make students aware that most already have the right to lower prices on the software, and to make it easier to obtain by taking the burden off the university staff. Perhaps the program will be expanded – let’s hope so!

  9. Reza says:

    In U.S. Microsoft have a big academic connection with almost all universities in there and it is easy to do promotion like these.But in Malaysia I am not quick sure.

    The most important benefit of these event is that student use legal licesnse. So we can have a hope that Microsoft can support them.

    Because they need Microsoft office,they looking for it.

    They have 2 options:

    1- legal Min = 500 Ringit Malaysia

    2-illegal Max = 10 Ringit Malaysia

    Only a student that understand software dynamic can understand what  real happen in option number 2 but others not.

    I am ready with my Maximum energy and potential to help microsoft for any activities that they are going to do in my university.I hope we can make a legal software access for students not only in U.S. ,Austoralia and Malaysia ,but also in around the world.

  10. Jeff says:

    This is certainly an excellent promotion.  I have installed Office Ultimate 2007 and it is FANTASTIC!!!

    Many students at Flinders Uni. Adelaide have taken up the offer with copies of the CD being left in computer labs & the library… & there is not long until the promotion ends.

    If you are a student like me, having the best software and saving money are top priorities – this promotion achieves both… $75 is very cheap & well worth it!

  11. Reza: I think some MS people have already contacted you

    Jeff: glad you like it! spread the word before its over!

  12. Reza says:

    thank you Chris, yes they contact me and I am discuss with them to see what will happen.

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