Ultimate OneNote 2007

Some time ago when I announced that OneNote 12 was going to be called OneNote 2007, I mentioned that we were also part of two Office suite offerings this time: "Home and Student" and "Enterpise". From our perspective this is great news, but a lot of people said they wanted to be able to buy OneNote along with the apps they would normally get in Standard or Professional.

I'm happy to say we are now going to be part of a third suite: "Ultimate". Here's a news.com story covering it.

Ultimate is designed to let regular consumers and small businesses get all the software we offer to volume license customers. It's a lot of stuff: Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Outlook/Publisher/Groove/Access/InfoPath, and of course, OneNote. Given that it has quite a bit more in it than the current top of the line "Professional", it costs more (theoretically $679 retail, although no one ever pays the full price - duh). It won't be for everyone of course, but if you're planning to get most of those apps anyway its a good deal since as with all suites you get a really good discount over buying the apps separately. And I know its the version all my fellow employees will buy for their friends and family with their employee discount ๐Ÿ™‚

A new OneNote blogger! I'd like to introduce Dan Escapa, one of our most energetic Program Managers who has just started blogging - well he blogged before but but this is his first blog for work-related stuff. We call Dan the "make it happen" guy (when we're not calling him the "intern who never went home" - inside joke). Welcome to the blogosphere Dan!

Beta 2 update

Seems like the worst of the download and activation issues are behind us. There was a 14hr period where the servers were swamped but its all good now.

A bunch of people are surprised that Outlook and OneNote ask you to install the new Windows Desktop Search 3.0 beta, and that this beta of WDS does not have any UI (no search box in the task bar). Yes folks, that's how it is. Sometimes things just don't all work out the way we'd like. The good news is you get instant search in those two apps. WDS 3.0 will get its UI back next time you see an update from them. So if you can survive without desktop search for a couple of months you'll be fine. If you don't install WDS 3.0 you will lose a bunch of funtionality from OLK and OneNote, so please do install it.

Some people are reporting that OneNote search doesn't find anything after they install WDS 3.0. Give it time. The indexer is a little shy at first so it will not immediately index your whole notebook in this beta. If after waiting a day it isn't indexed, try making changes on a bunch of pages - you may have hit a problem where pages are not marked as "not indexed yet" so the indexer thinks it is finished before it has even started. Hey it's a beta - it will all be good before we ship.

If you get an "Access denied" error installing WDS 3.0, please go here:

Be sure to read the known issues for other tips. Really its worth it.

If you want to provide direct bug reports on OneNote 2007 beta, go to http://connect.microsoft.com. Sign in, then in Available Programs scroll to the bottom and sign up for "OneNote 2007 beta 2".

Comments (58)
  1. Nektar says:

    Your pricing in general is too expensive compared to the competition. As a home user who also wants to get Onenote and Outlook what should I buy: Home and STudent Edition costs ok but lacks the much needed Outlook. Standard Edition is expensive for me especially when competitor products are free and especially since I never use all of Word or Excel. In addition, Standard does not include Onenote which is something that I would like to have. So, I can either buy Home and Students Edition and buy Onenote separately or buy Standard Edition and buy Outlook separate. Why all this fass? My opinion is that your editions scheme is complex. Ultimate is too much for me and thus out of the question. I would have considered it only if it also included the servers, Communicator, Visio and Project. Only then it would have been worth it: paying a big price but getting everything that you offer. After all, that is why you call it Ultimate, yes?

    If I were you I would change the whole pricing scheme and offer specific prices for each Office program and discounts when combining them together. For example, Word, Excel, Outlook, Onenote all cost around 100$ and when you get each additional product you get a discount of 60% let’s say. That scheme would have been much less complex and would have cost me less to buy Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook and Onenote: the programs that I need. As things stand I guess that I will have to buy Home and Students Edition and forget about Outlook.

  2. The Insider says:

    Chris Pratley posts about the upcoming new SKU for the 2007 Microsoft Office System – which will include…

  3. Ian says:

    I installed WDS 3 and OneNote beta 2 searches well,  but the indexer runs all the time in a background process and uses about 50M of RAM. Any chance the final release will allow your to only run the indexer on ON data and/or only when ON is open?  I have little use for full Desktop search functionality…

  4. Hiya Chris…

    In an earlier post, you mentioned the availability of the OneNote beta, and sent me off to a URL when I asked how to get it in the comments field.

    I feel incredibly thick… I went to the url, and didn’t find anything that looked remotely like it would allow me to download the beta.

    Would you mind being a bit more explicit about what I should be doing in order to become a beta user?

    (If you’ve ever surfed the Windows site, you’ll know that it’s meaningful and clear to a very small subsection of the surfing public… it’s VERY confusing to me.)

    Thanks Chris.

    Blue skies



  5. Hmmmm…. The address for Dan Escapa isn’t working, Chris. Thought you might want to know.

  6. Is there any documentation around the API and/or schemas for OneNote 2007 Beta 2, yet? I haven’t been able to find it anywhere.

  7. I had noticed this and did a bit of poking around but didn’t have time to find anything conclusive. When…

  8. Nektar: sorry to hear we can’t meet your needs. Home and Student + Outlook will probably be about $200 in stores so that’s not too bad.

    Ian: yes, the indexer is going to get much better before ship. They barely got it working and we barely got it integrated for beta 2 – which shows I think.

    Roy: try this link: http://www.microsoft.com/office/preview/beta/getthebeta.mspx

    Kenneth: try asking Dan on his blog (link above works for me – not sure why Roy had trouble). Dan is actually "extensibility guy".

  9. John says:


    I strongly second Nektar’s comment above, especially "Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook and Onenote: the programs that I need."

    I believe most average office users use these on a daily basis.  Its still months away before the actual release of Office 2007.  How is the possibility of making options like Nektar’s suggested available or create another package that would contain the five in one?  You might find that it may turn out to be a popular package.



  10. John: actually, everybody uses different things (there are lots of Access fans out there), and everybody wants a custom bundle so they can get the best deal on the set of programs they care about. Unfortunately, we simply can’t offer the products that way. However, the products are all available a la carte (standalone) so you can always buy the suite that closest matches what you want then pick up the other app(s) standalone). I think ~$200 for the set of apps you describe by getting 2007 Student and Home + Outlook is a pretty decent price considering the value you are getting – doesn’t matter whether it is all in one package or not. It’s cheaper than Office standard.

  11. Tom Maddox says:

    OneNote 2007 looks good, but the constant nagging to install Windows Desktop Search is simply unacceptable. *Every single search* generates a prompt to install WDS.


  12. Tom, although I highly recommend installing WDS 3.0 beta to get the right experience (and to test things like Audio search of recordings), you can disable those prompts. From the "known issues" page at: http://officebeta.iponet.net/en-us/products/FX101517941033.aspx?ofcresset=1

    I don’t want to install Windows Desktop search and I want OneNote to stop asking me about it every boot. (Or: I just want to turn off indexing in OneNote and use slow search instead)

    Set these regkeys: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftOffice12.0OneNoteOptionsOtherEnableWDSIndexing = 0 HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftOffice12.0OneNoteOptionsOtherShowWDSUpdateWarning = 0

  13. For highlighting text to be published to pdf –

    The lightest color settings for the highlighters seem to  b a r e l y  let even bolded black text leak through to be seen in the pdf. Can this be tweaked more favorably?

    Nice to find the publish to pdf working.

  14. erik paul says:


    I don’t have time right now to do an official "bug", but I just wanted to let you know that there is a problem with the upgrading notes from 2003 that is making 100’s of copies of the wma’s associated with each section.  I just reinstalled my OS (my medical school quarter ended–it is always nice to have a clean boot), so there is nothing on the computer outside of onenote and firefox.  I upgraded my microbiology notebook and left it for a couple of hours while it upgraded (I have about 40 sections in the notebook with each one associated with a 15 MB audio file).  When I returned a couple of hours later, OneNote had stalled because I was out of disk space.  I looked, and whatever OneNote did in the upgrading of my sections has effectively used up 30 GB of disk space (the total storage before the conversion was 2 GB for the notebook).  As I investigated, I noticed that some of my audio sections had copied the WMA hundreds of times.  One section was entitled RNAViruses01.  The WMA is RNAViruses01.wma.  There were over 100 copies of the RNAViruses01.wma in the folder.  So, I went in and deleted all of the audio files from my notes, but I’m still missing over 20 GB of storage space on my hard disk.  Is there a cached folder that is storing large amounts of data for OneNote that I need to kill?  I need my storage space back.

    Thanks for the help.  I sure am glad that I made multiple backups of my notes.

  15. erik paul says:

    I found the "missing" space.  I went into the local settings, application data, microsoft, OneNote, 12.0, OneNoteOfflineCache_Files.  In that folder were thousands of copies of the wma’s.  Each WMA (shouldn’t have had more than 40 WMA’s in the folder, total) had over a 100 copies of itself.  Most had about 250 copies.  In essence, it was a folder that had 20 GB of data stored in it.  I deleted it.  However, each notebook (I’m giving each class a notebook) does the same thing.  My Rheumatic Diseases notebook had hundreds of wma’s after I converted.  These audio recordings are important to me, as each class professor’s say important things that I flag with a "medical boards exam" flag.  I plan on reviewing these later–but I may not be able to do this without the audio.

    thanks so much

  16. Dan Carter says:


    I’m still struggling to get ON 2007 and DTS 3.0 working together. I’ve let DTS 3.0 run (as far as I can tell) for 27 hours, made changes to a bunch of ON pages, and still no instant search.

    I have search set to All Notebooks, but search seems to be limited only to words contained in the page I’m on. Weird.

    I’m I being too impatient? Any other thoughts?

  17. dave t says:

    Re WDS etc:


    The tip about hacking the registry at 1231 above didn’t work as WDS wasn’t installing. Using the article you referred to in the Knowledgebase finally worked but Oh dear what a palaver!

    Basically you have to find the registry sub key that is being locked and stopping the install.

    Thus you find for example HKCR.doc right click, look at โ€˜Permissionsโ€™ and if THIS is the key causing problems you will see the FULL CONTROL and READ boxes are empty. Click to authorise, apply and then OK. Exit registry and reinstall WDS again. It took me four attempts and as I said I had to change .doc .dot .rft and .msg. The .msg one actually had to have the subkey Potentialhandler permission changed not the subkey itself but the Updspapi.log in C:WINDOWS should show you which key is causing the problem as it is the last entry each time (ie at the very bottom). Everything working find now but youโ€™d think MS would have sorted that one BEFORE driving us to distraction?


  18. Now that OneNote 2007 Beta 2 has been out for a couple of days, I’m curious to hear your thoughts.  While…

  19. Joe: we’ll take a look. Unfortunately the version of PDF we support doesn’t allow for semitransparent overlays so we have to dither the ink highlights.

    erik paul: can you provide a little more info about your situation? Are you using mainly subpages or are each of your recordings on indvidual regualr pages? Actually, it would be great if you could send me mail directly at chrispr(at)microsoft.com so we can follow up – we’d like to track this one down.

    Dan: Have you made sure to do a Help/Detect and Repair, or reinstall OneNote? It sounds like the regkeys that tell WDS to index Onenote files have been removed.

    dave t: we’re here to please!

  20. The hyperlinking works smoothly.

    The syntax of the menu item may cause some stumbling:

    "On the shortcut menu, click Copy hyperlink to this page."

    Should be [Copy hyperlink OF this page] for avoiding multiple interpretations of what "to" may mean.

    Foreign readers of English may not know all the unspoken rules that govern us.



  21. Dan Carter says:


    Thanks for the tip. I don’t know if it was more time to index or running ON repair, but instant search is good-to-go.

    Thanks Again,


  22. Ian Goldsmid says:

    Chris – I just wanted to report some disappointment – after having used OneNote extensively and intensively for about a week, and having clipped about 60 MBytes of web sites, along with adding maybe a couple of dozen files as attachments – there are frequent serious performance issues, with OneNote thrashing my 3.2 ghz, 1.5gig machine at anything up to 90% cpu load for up to a minute or two at a time before it settles down – and this happens it seems every time I first open the application, and when navigating to sections that contain a significant load of web clipping notes – and also when launching hyperlinks I have copied from OneNote Notes, or Sections, or Paragraphs, launching them from either within Outlook, or from other non Microsoft applications.

    The performance hits are frequent and lengthy, albeit not continuous, and they are making me very nervous about relying on OneNote 2007 – certainly at the Beta 2 product stage.

    Do you have any feedback or advice please?

    Thank you,

    Ian Goldsmid

  23. Ian, as far as I know the performance issues in beta 2 are pretty much all due to Windows Desktop Search 3.0 beta which is not performance tuned, and its interaction with OneNote 2007 beta 2 is also not performance tuned (double-whammy). However, you could test that in your case by disabling desktop search 3.0. Use the steps I describe above. Set these regkeys: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftOffice12.0OneNoteOptionsOtherEnableWDSIndexing = 0 HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftOffice12.0OneNoteOptionsOtherShowWDSUpdateWarning = 0

    If that fixes your perf issues then we have our culprit. if not, let me know and we can try looking into your machine situation.

  24. Ian Goldsmid says:

    I think (without sitting here with a stop-watch) that registry change provided a little relief, but not enough to make ON usable for me. And still, when I click on a link to a OneNote Note that I have inserted in an Outlook Contact Note Field – the link takes me to the location inside ON, then ON spikes to 98%, and stays between 95-98% cpu saturation for about 20 seconds, then settles to 50% for about another 15-20 seconds – then down to zero. So something is still quite wrong here.

    Also, even with WDS 3 enabled I was only able to perform simple searches – one or more key words – implying an AND relationship – but no phrase searching etc…

    So apart from the performance issue, I am hoping that either the search interface in OneNote is going to provide much more than this much too basic interface, else the UI for WDS 3 is sophisticated enough to perform potentially complex boolean type searches and enable instant navigation from a result to OneNote – else putting loads of data into OneNote won’t work for me..

    Thanks Chris.

  25. Ian – we’ll take a look. As I said we’re not done performance tuning, and with performance issues it is notoriously hard to pin down the causes since they are rarely what they seem to be, or even caused by the code where you see the problem. BTW next step for you might be to uninstall WDS 3.0 completely and see if that changes anything.

  26. John says:


    A couple of quick questions:

    1.  How and where may I get the web clipper to work with the OneNOte2007 beta?

    2.  OneNote2007 still cann’t faithfully reproduce (retain) the original content structure of a website when copy and paste into OneNOte as it did in 2003 version.  I know many people had issue with 2003 version because of this.  If the OneNOte team did work and fix this, is it an internal fix or we have to download a plug in.  If the team did not fix it, do you plan on fixing it prior to the actual release of the final product?

    I am using EverNote also and it faithfully reproduce whatever content  I choose for it to copy and pate.

    Your thoughts would be much appreciated.


  27. John: by web clipper, do you mean OneNote Screen Clipping tool? This is the same as before. Windows-S, or right click on the OneNote system tray icon. Are you referring to something else? If you mean the button in IE to send things to OneNote, that should appear in the toolbar in IE6 (its in the Tools dropdown in IE7 beta 2)

    2007 is much better than 2003 at retaining the structure of web pages when they are copy/pasted into OneNote because it supports basic tables now. However, OneNote is not a web browser, so it will not be perfect (sometimes far from perfect) if you ask it to render complex HTML pages. For such (usually rare) pages, the best approaches:

    1. use the Screen clipping tool, if there is only a portion of the page you want to keep. This keeps an exact replica of the page as it was seen on the screen, and also makes the text searchable

    2. Use "Send to Microsoft OneNote" printer driver. This is the same as screen clipping, but works for the whole page, and has perfect text recall vs the screen clipper’s approximations.

    Some products use a web browser control to render pages they clip. This gets them perfect or close to perfect rendering with a copy/paste (or "save"), at the cost of inability or limited ability to edit, add your own text/annotations/flags, real-time share and edit, etc. We decided having our own display surface was worth it to get those features and others.

  28. John Rummel (jarummel@msn.com) says:

    I installed OneNote 2007 on 2 machines, a desktop with full Office 2003 Pro and a new laptop with no previous Office installations (both machines XP Pro).  I initially ignored the request to install Desktop Search 3 and got the programs working (synchronizing across my wireless network).  Absolutely fantastic (about 3 seconds between typing on the desktop and having it show up on the laptop).  However, when I decided to relent and install Search 3, everthing went downhill.  THe laptop installed OK, but the desktop gave me the "Access Denied" error (that I now see has already been identified).  I got the message that rollback was not complete and there may be additional problems.  For sure.  Outlook 2003 would start to come up and then disappear and not come up on the screen with a second try.  After re-booting, I got the message that Outlook did not start correctly the last time and could boot in safe mode.  That seemed to be OK, but I really wanted OneNote 2007 back.  Tried several times but things got worse.  None of the backouts worked (hard re-start required).

    Then when Outlook started I got a screen that OneNote 2007 was going to install.  After 2 days of old restore points, registry clean-up and un-installations of everything I thought might be involved, I have Outlook back and the system seems to be stable overall.  One of the procedures I had done in trying to recover was to uninstall OneNote 2007.  Now, I have been unable to get it to re-install.  It goes so far and then just stops, no message.  When I attempt to close down the window, it asks am I sure I want to stop set-up.  Then the machine is dead and requires a hard re-boot.  I recover to a restore point and the machine is OK.  I tried installing in Safe Mode and received the same results.  

    Any suggestions on how I might troubleshoot this problem.  I really would like to get OneNote 2007 back as it was before I attempted to install Search 3.  It is going to be (already has along with the last 2 months of using OneNote 2003) one of my major applications.  I have spread the word and interestingly, some who should be very savy, still think (as I believe you noted in a blog) the program is only for tablets.  I just retired from 35 years at NASA and only wish I has taken the time to take OneNote for a spin earlier.  It would have save me creating a lot of paper binders.

    Thanks for a great product.

    John A. Rummel, Ph.D.

  29. John Rummel: sounds like a mess – sorry for that. In beta software, the best tested configurations are when you choose the default for everything you are offered. Some things to try:

    1. for good measure, run "Help/Detect and Repair" in office 2003 to clean up anything that may have gone wrong in that installation

    2. uninstall WDS 3.0 from Add/remove programs

    3. restart your machine

    4. Try to reinstall OneNote 2007.

    P.S. what did you do at NASA? I am sort of a space nut so I love to hear about anything related to it…

  30. John says:

    Thank you, Chris for the info.

    I am using FireFox, and in in the send to printer or by selecting print, what I get is just "Microsof Document Image Printer" nothing like "Microsoft OneNOte Printer" shows up.  Could this mean that I am missing some downloadable plugin or FF and OneNote2007 don’t currently support each other?

    Thanks again,


  31. John Rummel says:


    When I was in the middle of attempting to get back to normal (having Outlook stable was an absolute must) I did try and run Office Help/Detect and Repair.  Same type problem – would go so far, fail, try and back out, and not get the whole way out.  Have not tried it since I’ve recovered, but will give it another try.  WDS 3.0 never got far enough to appear in my Add/Remove.  I used another product (Uninstaller 2006) to try and remove any remaining traces of anything and it did not come up on the radar screen.  I’ll let you know if something works.

    BTW, I was involved in the biomedical research and health care of the astronauts.  Very interesting and got to do a lot of unique things (e.g., on the recovery ship for Apollo 11).  One of my bosses was a Canadian astronaut, Dr. Dave Williams (who just spend a couple of weeks underwater off the coast of Florida in a test for Moon/Mars exploration procedures).  He is training for an upcoming flight.  If you ever get to Houston, let me know and I will arrange a "good" tour.  Maybe you would be available to make a presentation to the head of our I/T department on OneNote.  ๐Ÿ™‚

    John Rummel

  32. John Rummel says:


    Success.  I tried your suggestion of running Office Help/Detect and Repair.  Got the whole way through this time and then was successful in installing OneNote 2007.  Back to where I was, but I’m going to ignore the option of installing WDS 3 at this time.

    Thanks for the help,


  33. Jim Hull says:

    I too am having major problems with WDS 3 and OneNote 2007.  Works great with Outlook.

    I’ve left it up and running overnight for two days now and it hasn’t indexed my notes.  I do a search, and I only get a report on the one page I am on (just a regular page – no subpages).  

    This morning when i got up the "searchprotocolhost.exe" was at 100% of my processes, but nothing seemed to be happening (except that the fan on my M200 was jamming along – it does that when it’s doing some heavy computing) – but the disk access was just blinking every now and then.

    I’ve ran Office Diagnostics but it says everything is fine.

    I’ve gone through Microsoft Connect, every public newsgroup, just trying to find a solution, but I can’t find it.  I love OneNote and would love to know why some can install it and others can’t.

    FWIW, since the last beta I my search hasn’t worked – it would just report back on the page I am on.  I thought it was a beta issue and waited for the next – but since it happened here and with the new WDS thing, I thought I’d report it.

  34. Jim Hull says:

    OK.  Of course, as soon as I post something, it starts working.  Search now works, finding words on pages other than the active.

    It even finds words in printed pages – although the "contoso" example in the new guide – it only found the email address in the business card – not the big logo.

    I had to leave my notebook on for almost 48 hours – two nights worth for it to index it all.  I rebooted twice during those 2 days.

    So, if you’re having trouble just wait – I guess it would be nice to have some kind of notification or progress bar so that we know it’s indexing…

    Thanks for all your help here and other places.

  35. John says:


    I understand that you can be extremely busy, and I would be much appreciated for your thought on the following question when you can.

    I am using FireFox, and in  the send to printer or by selecting "print", what I get is just "Microsof Document Image Printer" nothing like "Microsoft OneNOte Printer" shows up.  Could this mean that I am missing some downloadable plugin for FireFox or FF and OneNote2007 don’t currently support each other?



  36. John Rummel: glad you got back to working. Once the tech refresh comes out this summer WDS 3.0 search should be much better behaved – they’ve already fixed many of the worst problems people are having. If I do get to Houston don’t be surprised if I take you up on your offer! I’m hoping to take my son when he is a little older.

    Jim: patience is a virtue ๐Ÿ™‚ Of course, so is making software so it works right the first time ๐Ÿ™‚

    John: This should have nothing to do with FireFox. You should have a virtual printer called "Send to Microsoft oneNote". This printer is for use with any application that can print. If you don’t have it, it seems a leading cause is that you have a competing Onenote virtual printer installed for use with 2003, such as the imagewriter powertoy, or the one that came with the tablet Education/Experience pack. Uninstall thsose, and reinstall OneNote 2007 B2.

  37. John says:


    Thank you very much for the information.  I went into "Add/Remove" in control pannel, but there is no specific unstaller for the  "Send to OneNote2003", except for the whole Educational Experience Pack.  How would one specific go about uninstalling this "Send to OneNote2003" without affecting the others, if this is possible.  

    I went into "Program Files" and found the folder to "Send to OneNote2003" and deleted that folder, but that function is still avilable in "Programs".  However best way to uninstall this, please let me know.

    Also, do I need to uninstall OneNote 2007B2 before reinstall it?

    Thank you,


  38. Mike says:

    How to write plug-in for OneNote?

    Is it possible?

  39. John, I think if you choose "modify" in add/remove programs for any of the various tablet packs you get launched into the main UI for the pack where you can choose which components to install/uninstall.

    If you try to reinstall Onenote 2007 B2, it will probably ask you if you want to repair the previous installation, which is basically the same so you shouldn’t need to uninstall first.

    Mike: Yes, you can read Dan’s blog(http://blogs.msdn.com/descapa) which is actually supposed to be about Extensibility but I think he’s been too busy with beta 2 to write anything on that topic. I see you posted your question there so that might get him going.

    There’s an article from Owen on it: http://blogs.msdn.com/owen_braun/archive/2005/12/15/503879.aspx (a little old)

    The official docs are here: http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/ms406042(office.12).aspx

  40. Paul Creed III says:

    I’ve read conflicting information about what versions of Windows Mobile are supported by OneNote 2007 Mobile.

    I have a Toshiba e405 running Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition version 4.21.1088 (Build 14049).

    I have tried to get OneNote 2007 Mobile to install but I get an error message saying that the CAB is not a valid install file. I took a look at the XML file in the CAB and there’s a line in there about minimum OS version requirement and it’s 4.20 so I meet that. Any ideas?

  41. Mike says:

    I want to develop a OneNote add-ins,but there is no info on OneNote add-ins development in MSDN and the internet.when is the OneNode Add-ins development ready?

  42. Paul Creed III: I clarified at the bottom of my article on Onenote Mobile(http://blogs.msdn.com/chris_pratley/archive/2005/11/21/494990.aspx):

    "Update (May 2006): With beta 2, installation is automatic and syncing with OneNote on the PC is supported. You need Active Sync 4.1 or later. Also, the OneNote Mobile team has added support for running on the PPC, but only on Windows Mobile 5. Windows Mobile 2003 and 2003 SE are NOT supported."

    We’re going to make this much clearer for the final release, with better warnings, info in the getting started guide and on the Tools/Options page where you can install ON Mobile.

    Mike, try this and links from it ("What’s new for develoeprs in onentoe 2007"): http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/ms406042.aspx

  43. Mike says:

    Chris,thank you for your replay.I had looked through those documents(both ms406042 & ms406044),but I found no enought information to write a OneNote add-ins.for exmaple,there is no corresponding API on the following functions:

    1.how to get the current PageID and selected objectID in OneNote

    2.there is no more information on details  of the IOneNoteAddin interface

    btw: there is no add-in development support in lastest VSTO.so how can I implement a custom toolbar in OneNote 2007 beta2?

  44. Michael says:


    I think the default integration with WDS is a very poor idea.

    I’m sure that someone at MS thinks this is a clever way to challenge the dominancy of Google Desktop, but you will simply turn off customers who don’t want to install yet another major resource hog or are already wedded to a previous desktop search system.

    If you want fast search within OneNote, build in the necessary components for local use within OneNote only.  Very dissapointing to see such a heavyweight solution (WDS) to such a simple problem.

    Thanks for what is otherwise an outstanding and genuinely innovative piece of software.  OneNote is arguably the best piece of software coming out of MS today.

  45. Mike: you’re in touch with Dan (http://blogs.msdn.com/descapa) so I wil let him answer your questions.

    Michael: I understand your concern. Actually, we use WDS precisely because of it. Until last summer Office 2007 was using an Office-specific search technology as you recommend. The problem was that running it alongside WDS meant two search engines running instead of one. And both from Microsoft! If you ran GDS instead of WDS, you’d also have two. At least with us using WDS now there is a possible config where you just run one. And WDS is a Windows platform piece now so there is a chance that all ISVs could use it to prevent indexer proliferation.

    BTW, I’m not aware of any "dominance" that Google desktop has. Dominance of what? The blogosphere mindshare? In any case, just because some company makes a product doesn’t mean everyone else has to stop what they are doing. FWIW, WDS 2.6 has won most independent reviews against GDS – but of course its not from the G company so I guess that doesn’t count? ๐Ÿ™‚ Give 3.0 a chance. It’s going to be even better than 2.6 when it is finished.

  46. Kevin Baggs says:

    One feature I am looking for is the ability to link topics across multiple pages. For example, let’s say I have a topic for an employee named Mark. Beneath Mark is a list of tasks. No imagine I have 12 people reporting to me all with tasks. What I would want to do is create a page for Mark and link it back to Mark on my master list. I could then share the separate ‘Mark’ page with Mark. Any updates that I do in Mark’s section , or any edits he does on his page would be sychronized between the 2 pages.

    Will there be a way to do this in 2007?

  47. Kevin, I am not quite sure I understand what you want, but what you can do with 2007 is have a section (probably a notebook too) for Mark that you share with Mark, and a hyperlink to that section or even to a paragraph on a specific page in that section (right click, copy hyperlink to this ***). You can put this hyperlink (or set of similar hyperlinks) in your master section. So on your master page you can have a set of links to each of your 12 employees. The links takes you to the page(s) you share with them, which only you and that employee can see (if you like). Is that basically it?

  48. Kevin Baggs says:

    Almost, if you think if this like an Excel spreasheet embedded in Word. If someone makes a change to the Excel spreadsheet, the changes are automatically updated in Word. I am looking for that functionality.

  49. Kevin, we don’t quite have that flavor. if you mean you want to have the same page contents in two places (or embedded as with OLE objects in Word/Excel), we don’t do that. You can link to pages that you can share with others. You can also do a note flag summary across all those locations to get a summary for your own viewing which no one else can generate since they can’t see all the shared pages.

  50. Robert says:


    I noticed two problems (limitations) with OneNote mobile. First, notes renamed on the desktop are not renamed on PDA and the notes renamed on PDA are not updated on the desktop. Second, there seem to be no option for multiple tabs in OneNote mobile.  Is this by design or am I doing something wrong?

  51. Rebecca says:

    In ON 2007, if I insert a relatively large amount of data on a certain page (say 2 MBs of text), is it better for performance issues to break the data up into small packets (I forgot what those whatchamacallits are called when you paste text into the page), or is it better to keep everything (or as much as possible) into one of those resizable "boxes"?  In other words, small amounts in many boxes, and large amounts in a few boxes?

    I realize that other data (text and graphics) may later be inserted onto this same page here and there, but my question regards the advisability of inserting large quantities of text onto one page, and then (once all the search function problems are worked out when the final product ships) searching for what is needed.  Should long pieces of text be broken up, and should pages be kept relatively short / small?  

    I could experiment with this by myself, of course, but ON 2007 is still beta and the main search function is disabled, so I would like to get the programmers advice.  

  52. Christian Madsen says:

    Hello All,

    I have also been having problems with the WDS, however I got it to work now. A big problem I have is, that i can’t search for exact sentences using quotations, it will just return a 0 matches found. If I use single quotations it is like searching without any. Do you guys have the same problem, and can it be fixed?

  53. Ctitanic says:

    I have the same problem them one of the above users, I do not have  the OneNote printer any where when I want to print.

  54. robazefa says:

    Will a converter be made available in case I decide to stick with Onenote 2003? (ie. will I be able to convert an office data file backwards from Onenote 2007 to Onenote 2003?

  55. Robert: the fact that pages renamed do not have the rename occur on the other machine can also be viewed as a feature: if you want to keep one version of a page, you can rename it "pagename-old" and then it will stop overwritign the one on the other machine. That said, I am pretty sure there are plenty of kinks worked out in this area since beta 2 (I have been on leave for the past 10 weeks so I cannot say for sure). Lack of multiple tabs was a design issue since the app is aimed at smartphones primarily with small screens. I think in a future release that design choice could be reconsidered but not for 2007.

    Rebecca: how you arrange the text shouldn’t matter.

    christian: hang in there and try this again in the beta refresh due shortly

    ctitanic: remove the 2003 powertoy for printing to OneNote (Imagewriter or other) and then reinstall OneNote.

    robazefa: Sorry, but no. There’s a long story here but the short answer is no. The best you can do would be to save as MHTML and then copy/paste that to OneNote 2003.

  56. PFN says:

    I would like to know how can I make an add-in for OneNote (where I must add registry info of the add-in).

    Thanks in advance.

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