Blogging with OneNote 2007 via Word 2007

Over on the Word blog Joe Friend has broken the news about the new blogging support we've added to Word 2007. I'm happy to say that OneNote 2007 is also going to benefit, as a feature I have long wanted will now come to OneNote 2007 - blogging support directly from OneNote.

You should check out the entry on Joe's blog for the details because all I get to tell you is that you can now use "File/Send to/Blog" or right-click on a selection or page in OneNote, choose "Blog This", and whatever you did that to will be sent over to Word2007 ready for you to categorize, edit, and publish. This includes embedded pictures.

This is awesome for me and many of you whom I know use OneNote to write your blog entries because it gives you a way to gather up info, keep drafts, etc. By going through Word's new blog feature we get a whole lot of stuff for free such as the specialized blogging UI, the clean HTML, the support for many providers, etc.

FYI if you are using Beta 2 (not out quite yet - hang on a couple more weeks), to get the OneNote 2007 feature to work you will need to perform a little workaround:

Copy Blog.dotx from C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Templates\1033
C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates

Ok, now go read Joe's post.

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  1. Hiya Chris…

    You’re in my bloglines list. And I LOVE OneNote. I’m CRAVING the new version, and would like to know how to be a beta user. Any chance of that???

    Blue skies



  2. AdamB says:

    Nice! WTG!

  3. erik paul says:

    I am just dying for the beta 2 to come out!  This is going to be just awesome.  Will my inking show up as a picture, then?  I print ppt files to .one and then ink over it (highlight and write).  I share my notes so much with my fellow students–instead of emailing, it will be nice to have a blog (since not everybody on my class list wants my notes).  I sure hope that you guys get something awesome working.  Also, is this going to be compatible with all types of blogs, or just those written in asp?

    thanks chris!  

    Can’t wait for "a couple more weeks".

  4. Joe Friend has finally made it public that there will be built in blog functionality in Word 2007! I…

  5. scoobie says:

    Is Beta 2 the public beta?

  6. Récemment , Pierre demandait avec raison un bon outil pour blogger directement en asynchrone, voir mieux…

  7. A couple of people have asked what happens to ink when you blog by using this tool (via Word). Right now the behavior is that ink we think is handwriting is converted to text when it is sent to Word. Ink we think is a drawing is sent as an image. The nice thing about this is that you have control. If you want to blog in "ink" (i.e. images of your ink), you can select all the handwriting and use Tools/Treat selected ink as>Drawing.

  8. UMPC Buzz says:

    UMPC users have now been provided with one more reason to blog on their UMPC. Word 2007 and OneNote 2007…

  9. UMPC Buzz says:

    UMPC users have now been provided with one more reason to blog on their UMPC. Word 2007 and OneNote 2007…

  10. Rob Bushway says:

    great feature, Chris. Being able to blog in ink is a wonderful enhancement. What could make it better? Being able to treat the ink as a drawing and convert the ink as well, so the text and ink get posted at the same time.

  11. pmad says:

    Can you tell mw how I apply to be a Beta participant for Office 12? I’d like to try out the Office 12 OneNote Beta on my Pocket PC.



  12. Lince Kerwin says:

    You really think they will support the pocket PC properly with this version?

  13. Anil says:

    Great news, Chris! When we visited a few years ago, I remember this was my #1 request for both Word and OneNote, and I’m thrilled to see it made the cut this time around. Let me know if the team needs some TypePad accounts to test this out with. 🙂

  14. Wow, this is a great new feature. If you haven’t heard about this yet check out the blog posts below….

  15. Die aktuelle Beta-Version des Internet Explorer 7 kann man schon seit längerer Zeit als RSS-Reader…

  16. Ian Nelson says:

    Just a few things to point out:Cool new Office 2007 feature: Blog directly from Word or OneNote.Annoyingly,…

  17. So let’s see what this brings. I’m typing this in OneNote since I read that I can select anything in…

  18. Ian Nelson says:

    Just a few things to point out:Cool new Office 2007 feature: Blog directly from Word or OneNote.Annoyingly,…

  19. In general, I prefer to sit back and watch the comments come in and respond to them in future blog posts….

  20. erik paul says:

    Umm, the beta 2 website is down!  I’ve been dying to download this for months, and the day it is released the site crashes!  I’m about ready to go nuts.  

  21. Taylor Meek says:

    I cannot figure out where to submit bugs/weird things for OneNote 2007 B2. If you collapse all of your notebooks in the Notebook list, and then use the ‘All Notebooks’ callout at the bottom, it will show a collapsed view of just the notebook names. When you go to expand an individual notebook in that list, it expands it in the left pane (expected), but does not expand the callout to fit the list of pages (unexpected), so that one has to use the scroll bar at the right of the callout to see all of them, or close and reopen the callout to have it fit. It ought to either give you a resizer control in the top right corner, or automatically expand to fit, since it’s ‘All Notebooks’ and not ‘All the notebooks we can fit in this tiny space.’ 😉

    Other than this minor inconvenience that will probably never affect me again, it’s beautiful!

  22. Terry S. says:

    Where does the Blog template go if we’re using Vista?

  23. Terry: try this: C:Users%username%Application DataMicrosoftTemplates

  24. Connaissez vous Onenote ?

    Ah je dois avouer que cet outil est un vrai coup de coeur depuis plus d’un…

  25. Even though the OneNote UI has a context-menu entry called Blog this and a File/Send To/Blog menu

  26. aljeida says:

    If using vista, try it:


  27. rapture says:

    Thanks for the tip.  Working great from MS Word 2007 and One Note connecting to Drupal websites.  


  28. Grant Robertson says:

    I like how Microsoft just gets to continususly redefine words like "directly." In the rest of the world if you do something "directly" using a particular program that means you don’t need to use another program to actually accomplish the goal. Microsoft gets to say you can do something "directly" from OneNote when they really mean you must buy another product that will cost several hundred dollars.

    It seems the "Blog This" feature does nothing but copy and paste into Word. Big deal!

  29. Grant, I think the title of the post is pretty clear, don’t you think?

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