Final bits of OneNote 2003 SP1 are now available

Here's just a quick note to say that the final bits of OneNote 2003 SP1 (discussed in my last post) have now been released as a patch available here:

If you have not seen or heard of SP1 or have avoided installing the preview, wait no longer - bliss awaits you.

If you installed the SP1 preview, first of all THANK YOU! since you helped make the product better if you reported any crashes to us, or gave us feedback in the newsgroups.

Second, if do you have the preview, as explained on the page I linked to, you do need to uninstall it and reinstall your original OneNote from the disks you have (you do have them right? We tried to be very clear that the final SP1 patch would require them).

The final SP1 is not a full install like the preview - it is a patch and must be applied to a properly licensed and activated full version of OneNote 2003.

Unlike with typical Service Packs, SP1 will become the “baseline“ shipping version over time as boxes in stores and other inventory are depleted, so people purchasing OneNote in the future may already have SP1 on their machine.

One last point: several PowerToys will be released soon that work with SP1 - those are going to be awesome. More on that in a few days.

Comments (10)

  1. Greg says:

    Congratulation and THANK YOU! Let the team know this hard work and rapid turn-around is really apreciated in the community. Great product, great team!

  2. Tejas Patel says:

    Just going to try it now, more to follow on my blog.

  3. Chris – it’s not installing at all on my system. I’ve got a Toshiba M205 which doesn’t come with a One Note install CD (it’s pre-installed)… and even with the admin install, it keeps barfing and asking for CABs from the installation media…

    … which, of course, I don’t have.


    (btw: I never installed the preview precisely because of this possibility).



  4. Yann says:

    When or when can I get the French version of the SP1 ???

  5. Sam Smith says:

    Nice work, and thankyou for a great product. Shipping future releases with SP1 already installed is a good idea too, as I know too many people who will NEVER update their software.

  6. Andy says:

    Hi Chris,

    There was a menu selection under SP1 preview. Under the View menu, there was the toggle for "Handwriting Recognition Guide". It’s sort of a halfway option between ink groups and no ink groups. I posted this in the Buzz forums. You can still find the command under Customize > All commands, but it doesn’t show up under any other menu and can’t be added to a menu or toolbar.

    This feature was essential to me! I know it worked under SP1, because before I had to reinstall it first appeared under SP1 preview and continued to appera after I installed SP1.

  7. Micah Brodsky says:

    Hmm.. that is pretty odd, a command that doesn’t appear whan you try to drag it into place!

    I’ll use that as an excuse to post my real question. 😉

    What’s a good place to submit bug reports for OneNote? I’ve found the program to be by and large very stable and reliable, but I’ve found a few annoying bugs with it on my computer that persist even with SP1. Any thoughts?


  8. Andy, that command is still there in the View menu (on my machine – a Toshiba M205), but you can only see it or add it when you are on a Tablet PC. Are you trying to do this on a laptop or desktop?

    Micah, you can go to the newsgroups at (use microsoft.public.onenote as the group) or use the menu item in OneNote called Help/Contact Us, then click the link about submitting a suggestion or comment.

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